Open letter to Intelli-shop RE: proofreaders(s)

Since I can't find an email address to email a supervisor directly, I have to post here in the hopes that someone from Intelli may come across my posting? I am beyond FRUSTRATED with one of your editors (I have to assume it is the same one?)

A little background: I have been mystery shopping since 1999 (no kidding!) I've done super extensive multiple day casino gigs I get rated regularly a 10 on. I used to work internally for a company, I know this industry inside and out. That being said, I also understand the cattle call and the struggles the schedulers and proofreaders face with some on us on a daily..... HOWEVER, some proofreader(s) appear to be leading with their ego's versus common sense.

Example: Last year I wrote an extensive observation about my experience with one of your proofreaders I had the pleasure of working with on a particular theme park. This person literally asked the most insane questions (I forgot all the details now) but they were either irrelevant and/or not on the form. The report was long to begin with for a small fee. Fine. I accepted the shop, mainly to help you guys out. I spent hours typing an excellent, detailed report. I assure you all the details where there. This editor sent email after email with irrelevant questions. She was either new or had no idea about the requirements for this particular shop. It was the single most frustrating experience I had ever dealt with. So frustrating in fact, that I emailed my scheduler with the details, making him aware of the colossal waste of time this person was putting me through, and asked him to please forward our correspondence to whomever this persons supervisor was. Never heard back. I also told the scheduler to NEVER ask me again to do this particular shop after this miserable experience with the proofreader. Since, I've been asked several times to go back to shop this location, but have turned it down. A little insight as to why this shop may be so hard to schedule...??

Another example: I just turned in two reports. Basically the same exact report, two different locations. It was a fairly simple report. On one I forgot to add the weight and race of one of the employee because it is usually a no-no for most companies, so I was typing on auto-pilot and just didn't do it. My bad. I corrected the report within 15 minutes of being notified by the proofreader and done. I received an 8. An 8 because of one minor mistake. No other mistakes, including grammar and/or spelling. Pretty harsh. On the second report there were no questions and I received a 10 (different proofreader!).

This is not the first time this has happened. I actually had a proofreader state I had a typo, not even a spelling mistake, just one typo, and was rated an 8. Pretty sure that was the same proofreader. It was so insanely petty that I shared it with friends & family for a good laugh.

I know you guys pride yourself on high standards but come on! That's petty at its best. Again, I have seen some of the reports being turned in by some of the field staff (for another company) and they are sad. Don't frustrate a good shopper(s) by allowing your proofreaders to stroke their own ego's by being overly petty. It takes the fun right out of this and doesn't help in getting your harder to schedule shops done. I personally have cut back on accepting assignments form your company simply because I take pride in my work. Its frustrating to do my best and get marked down to an 8 for really, nothing. I think a 9 would have been sufficient for one typo....No?

I took the time to make you aware because I enjoy shopping for your company and want to help out, but as of right now it's more frustrating than pleasurable. Maybe finding a balance between enforcing your high rating standards by giving constructive criticism to actually HELP IMPROVE the individuals report writing, would potentially help benefit both sides, and make this shopping experience more pleasurable? Just a thought.

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You have survived since 1999. (I also started in 1999.) Give yourself a "10" and move on. That's what I do. I got a 6 the other day. I have never even had a 7, but I got a 6. Sorry. I missed a part of the guidelines. My fault. They were extremely complicated and poorly written, but I will take the blame. I just want to get paid. I won't make the same mistake twice. I never do.

I have edited reports for an MSC. I know how bad they are. I laugh my butt off over an 8 or a 9 grade. Not all of my reports are written in a 10+ format, since they don't have to be. You too have seen other reports, so you know how you compare.

I'm not sure if it is still true, but in the past, this MSC has hired college kids and paid them minimum wage to edit. They may still be doing that. So imagine, you probably have clothes older than the kid that edited the report. Let it go, but I commiserate with you.
Thanks for the post.This is the reason I have never done a shop with least not yet. It seems so many GOOD shoppers struggle with them. I'm going to watch this post for their response to you.
I seriously do not understand the frustration of getting an 8. Does one get paid less for an 8? I mean with this company you can't really get paid less so I'm going with no. I would just laugh and move on.

Now the first incident of repeated questions, yeah, totally get that.

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The only time I have not been paid was because I fixated on the wrong step. Ask any salesperson for help not just the person in the department. I got mad and stormed out silently because you can't create a scene while at the place. Turned the report in and then beat my head against the foam pad on the wall. but they didn't give a number grade. just said withhold pay. As for numbers, it shouldn't matter what the score is as long as you get paid. I'll take 4s and 5s all day long as long as the money is good. Just do not pay me in bitcoins.

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They won't likely read your post but that's okay. It feels good to vent sometimes and I get it, most of us understand your frustration. As long as your score doesn't dip to a level to make you less likely to get shops and you get paid, don't sweat it.
No idea why they call them editors. I worked for a newspaper and their editors actually exited. Oops, edited -slip of the finger. No idea why the MSC editors are called such. Maybe their title should be, Pain in the Ass!

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I have been so frustrated with what I have to assume is one of their new editors. I have no problem doing their tire shop phone calls because they take almost no time from the comfort of my house. Last week, I get a long detailed email about how since I didn't dictate the call pretty much into my reason why I would trust them box, I was getting an 8. They then went on to show me how they re-wrote it. Fine re-write it, I'll take the 8 even though I've gotten a 10 on dozens before exactly like what I submitted. Yesterday I see one I did reposted on the board and went to check my log and it says "Excluded because you didn't follow the requirements". Um, again, I've done dozens of these, what requirement didn't I follow? And how is that helpful at all to just say that without giving me any indication of what you think I didn't do?
Last month one of my tire shops was rejected. The editor said I asked for a particular brand. I asked the editor to listen to the recording again. It was the salesperson who thought that I was interested in one brand. Nevertheless, they did not change the status of the report. But, they gave me one extra 2 days later instead of the usual 5. And boy, if you are angry with Intellishop, try Bestmark..Don't get me started..They make me pull my hair!!
If you work for idiotshop 7-10 is basically the same you get paid and it does not affect your ability to get shops. You can give me a 0 for all I care as long as I get paid and it does not affect my status to take more shops. You can berate me too I don't care. As of the last few years you don't and won't pay enough for me to do your shops so I have not done any.

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I would not worry about it unless you have a shop canceled because of it. If you do a lot of shops for them you are bound to get some low scores. You are still getting paid.
Someone at Intellishop gave me a 1 rating for an apartment shop. It had a target, and I made 10 calls to the property and could not reach the target. The scheduler told me to submit the shop and note the 10 calls I made. The proofreader gave me a 1 and said they weren't paying me anything for the shop. A 1???? I tried to contact the scheduler, and nothing. I am livid. I don't want to do shops for them anymore at all. I wish there was an accountable person to talk to over there.
My last report, the proofreader stated I needed to include EVERY question asked and EVERY response provided in an hour long interview....i would estimate that would be a written report over 20 paged typed
as a summary of the interview alone .....Intelllishop should have fired that proofreader years ago. I figure that proofreader must be a part owner. There is no other explanation why such conduct would be tolerated by any MSC.

As i said, that was my last report to Intellishop...and that was months ago....i have already moved on.

I've been shopping for going on ten years...this proofreader has been around since i have been shopping...sounds like the same one to me....unreasonable and demanding...always with an "or else" comment in their correspondence...
Never worked for them but I hear they have a fast food place that is just flying off the boards for the generous fee and reimbursement.
I stopped shopping for them when I had issues with their editor. Can't say for sure if it was the same editor as they don't have names, but numbers. It will be a rainy day below before I ever work for them because of their editors and their "nifty" pay.

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Ms Baker by any chance was this their assisted living shop? I had an editor demand just what you said on that shop. I ended up flaking it because I couldn't remember that much detail.

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The schedulers are aware that there are issues with some of the editors. FWIW Intelishop isn't the only one with this issue. Customer Service Experts is very on/off with editing. Sometimes a report is fine, other times the same report gets a nagging e-mail.
Never had a problem with them. However, Cirrus owes my husband $50 now for 3 months and me ,$25. Do not work for them unless you want to wait 3 months to get paid. I just sent an email to them..

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Caspa, your first three words were a clue... "Someone at INTELLISHOP..."

Check the forum. They have a history of not paying shoppers.

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