Did Stericycle - Expert Solutions Lose a Client to About Face?

I just signed up with Stericyle. I like the company a lot so far.

They have these car wash, detail, convenience store, oil change shops where the pay is $19 plus reimbursement. They are located in Western NY and Chicago.

I noticed About Face is now posting the same locations with a $5 shopper pay plus reimbursement.

Does anybody know anything about it?

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I have no clue. I loved Stericycle. This is the first company I ever shopped for. <3 They don't have any clients in Texas at the moment. sad smiley I was given that reply when I inquired via email. I am hoping they will get some clients in Texas. I miss working with them.
in my area the only client is a blue and yellow gas station. But they do bonus them at the end of the month.
Are the blue and yellow with About Face or with Stericycle?

The ones I'm talking a bout are mainly blue with red and white accents. They are not a national brand.
I just got an urgent text from About Face saying they needed three locations shopped today or tomorrow and they have raised the shopper pay to $10. Still can't justify the time involved. Even with the reimbursement.
I think it may be a test by the client to see if it wants to give about face the contract or stay with stericycle. I see some locations with both for the same shop. Not saying it is ethical but one could probably do one shop for both msps and submit same report. I would not do it but there are others who would. If they do go to about face you may see the fees rise. They did tell me they are doing each location weekly per client requirement.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
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