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Hi again,

I applied with Guest Check and was contacted directly by the President about my qualifications in the hospitality industry. He asked for a full narrative of a high end restaurant or hotel shop and wants a phone interview.

Anyone worked for them?

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I am registered, however, they never have shops in my area. I would give them a try, haven't read anything negative.

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Yes, I have worked for them. They require detailed and extensive narratives. The pay is not the highest I have seen, but it is not the lowest either. They have both restaurants and hotels/resorts and I believe one other non-hospitality related client (could be wrong on that - they used to have it though). The hotels and resorts tend to be pretty high-end. And one of their properties is probably my favorite shop ever. They pay on time. They are professional and supportive. I would rank them in my top five favorite companies. Most of their work is done via MS Excel/Word -although they do have a software system that they use for a few jobs.
I have also worked on a project with them for the past two years without a problem. Dana is very pleasant and easy to work with and communication is never an issue.
I also give them high marks. I suggest having some hotel/narrative experience before tackling their assignments, though.
Thanks. I am doing some hotels this month for two other MSC and both my husband and I have done lots of high end restaurants. I am looking forward to working with them.
Yes, they are very professional and expect very detailed, well written narratives. The requirement for a sample narrative and a telephone interview is SOP for them and for some other high end companies in the hospitality field.

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Great company! I received an e-mail from the prez, too, but no phone interview was required. When I was assigned my first shop I had a phone debriefing with Stacey (wonderful lady!) and I was off and running. Assignments are doled out monthly by e-mail, so there is no job board or self-assigning. From time to time, I do not receive assignments, and other times I am contacted in the middle or end of the month for cancelled assignments from other shoppers. They pay like clock work and are very fair. Top 5 for me!
The pres didn't require a phone call with me either and complimented my extensive sample narrative I sent him from a previous shop. I am really excited to work with them. Thanks for the good feedback.
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