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Has anyone had problems with this company? I've had nothing but trouble with them the last few days! I have worked with alot of companies and this one takes the cake! What a waste of my time and travel expenses! Yesterday I went 40+ miles and got an email this morning from them on an overdue shop because of errors, I tried to fix and kept getting error messages. I tried to contact the scheduler and reviewer numerous times and all of them were undeliverable. Because I'm very loyal, Today I did another shop out of town and am trying to submit it and now its showing no assigned shops available. It kept throwing error messages at me while I was trying to enter it and asked me to sign back in and the shop was gone! I feel there is no communication with this company and will continue to work with the other 15 companies that value my assistance. Also if I'm having trouble, they are there to assist

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No problems for me. Have you reported the problems to - Julie Simbro and Erica Wooten both check that and one of them always responds very quickly. I have never had a problem doing a report or with the website. I had one problem when a restaurant was open but unable to serve food because the cooks were on strike and another time when a scheduler assigned me the same shop as someone else - both times I got a quick response and got paid. I get no response from most companies, but ACE is one that replies very promptly. It sounds as though something is wrong with the email addresses you are using if you are getting undeliverable messages.

Julie and Erica also read here and they may be along soon to reach out to you here on the forum.
What email address are you trying to send it to? We have a support ticketing system so that I can see all emails that go through either,, as well as my own personal email. If you emailed either one of those, I should have received it. If you are emailing an editor and received an undeliverable, please let me know. Can you send me your name so I can research it for you?

Thank you,

Julie Simbro
ACE Mystery Shopping
We also have a texting phone number in all of our instructions and a toll free number for you to call for assistance.

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I like them as well, and am waiting for my favorite restaurant in Valencia...Julie are you listening...)
Nicest people.

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I am with the others who have written, I love this scrappy little MSC and wish they had more work in the Great Smoky Mountains. They used to have a Jean shop that has gone away so all I do now is the occasional menu photo reconnaissance shops but in the past 12 months I think I have only done one shop with them. Julie, please travel to the Southeast and take a big bite of business away from one MSC based in North Carolina.

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Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
It is so heartening to read reviews from shoppers about this MSC....I wish they had some in my area so I could try it out!!! Julie, you sure sound like one classy and special person!!

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I haven't done shops for ACE, but Julie helps run Route Shoppers, which I use as a scheduler. She has always been helpful, friendly, and prompt when I have asked for her help or had questions for her. smiling smiley

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I had a difficult menu audit shop with them and they were very responsive and did pay me. The experience made me not want to do menu pictures but the company is great.
They are on our list.


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No problems at all. I've only done shops for Julie Simbro, and I find her to be among the most receptive schedulers in the business. Seems like she is always working due to her prompt responses.

I just received a check in the mail from them yesterday. Surprised that they aren't on a platform like Paypal. Oh well. Money is money.

Good company though. They could pay more, but so can a lot of MSCs.
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