Heard of Palm Scheduling Services?

I'm looking at a list of jobs offered on Job Slinger by Palm Scheduling Services. I did a forum search and found nothing. Their sign-up page looks a little cheesy and now I'm wondering if they're legit. Anyone had any experiences with them?

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I have worked with them. It's difficult to follow up with them, for payment for jobs performed, but otherwise they are fine.

** it's my personal preference to have a go-to-person for answers. If Palm schedules something for another company, I may not be able to follow up past Palm. And Palm is not the one paying me!
I'm signed up with them, too, but have never done a shop. I think I've gotten about 3 email offers in 12 months (obviously, not much in my area). I know what you mean about it looking amateurish.
I did a couple small jobs for them a couple years ago. Their payment's are slooow, and they are legit....not a big fan, but wouldn't say I would not work for them again. They are a scheduling Co., as well as MSC. They never have much in my area.

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There's another thread elsewhere on PSS.

Don't be concerned by the website appearance. They are a professionally run company and I would recommend them. Payment times vary, depending on their client.

One client of theirs recently began paying direct, rather than through PSS, and that sped up the process a bit. They offer my SO's favorite restaurant so I work for them regularly.
I guess I don't know the difference between a scheduling company and a MSC. Can someone explain the differences?>?

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In this business there is the client (who ordered the job), the company (who puts together the job and reports back to the client) and the scheduler (who finds someone to do the job). Some clients do their own scheduling and shopping, though they are overall infrequently found with mystery shopping. Some companies do both the job work and their own scheduling, and these are the ones I most frequently work with. Some companies are small enough or have small enough databases of shopper on their own, that they use outside schedulers. Palm, DSS, Kern and others are the outside scheduling services. In some cases it would appear that 'outside schedulers' also have some clients of their own, though this appears to be relatively rare.

My personal preference is NOT to work through outside schedulers because there are too many layers needing to be paid and too much ambiguity as to with whom your contract is and with whom to contact regarding payment. If I go to a company website and sign up for a job, my assumption is that I am contracting WITH THAT COMPANY, not with some scheduler. If a scheduler is handling the work, so be it, my contract is obviously with the COMPANY since that was the location where I agreed to do the work.
Thank you! I get it now and will pay closer attention to who I'm contracting with for jobs. I'm still new enough that I don't yet know who pays when they say they will and who doesn't.
Save your original sign up for each job with them until you are paid and you should be fine...
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