$5 phone call tire shops now $4 - Intellishop

They typically drop a pile of these every month for recorded phone calls to one store of a large nationwide chain. This month they have gone down $1 each. Has anyone picked any up and read the guidelines? I'm curious to know if they have become simpler, or if the guidelines and survey are the same, but they just reduced the pay for shoppers. I'm not biting at the current rate unless the report has been simplified...

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It's the same type of report as before. Yeah, they cut the phone call shops to $4 but it was that way for a couple of months.
The $5 shops are usually two phone calls and $4 are one phone call.

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Thanks for the updates, Everyone. I usually do a handful of them each month, but I skipped December. The last ones I did in November were $5 each, and they were calls to one store.

The compare/contrast shops for 2 stores were $8, so if they are at $5 now, that's a huge decrease...
Yeah $4 for 1 call shops. I refuse to do the 2 call shops. They're a lot more work than just double the 1 shop price. They also have a call to the call center shop for the same store. I did one of these in November not realizing I'd be calling a call center. I would personally never order tires online unless I was capable of putting them on myself along with all that goes with it. Apparently the online price doesn't include installation etc.

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Because people keep doing them even at the lower pay I think they will try to drop it again to see how low people are willing to do them for.
They probably wanted to keep the client. Maybe client wanted to cut costs and was thinking of not continuing business with intellishop.
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