Market Force site down..

At 5 a.m. I tried to select a shop and the link did not open. It went from bad to worse, I could not access the site at all. Anyone else having any problems?

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@roflwofl wrote:

10AM, I just got in without any problems.
4 P.M.... I'm home, site is up and the great job is gone! tongue sticking out smiley
5:59 here and I'm trying to submit my report. It won't upload my photo.
Edited to say that I waited a few minutes and the upload worked just fine.

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EDIT... I misread the title of this post. I was paid early by MF last week. It is the other MSC with the same first 3 letters who had not paid yet.

Got in multiple times today to see if I was paid. Heavy sigh... Not yet.

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