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This is the first time I've written in, as I am a fairly new shopper. I've been doing shops for a little over a year. For about 4-6 months, I was only working with 2 companies. I've gradually expanded to about 10 and have done many automotive shops, including comparison shops. These have always been clear about which dealership, and most times, which specific vehicle they want me to compare with. I received an email about doing some dealership shops and I signed up for 2 of them. When I read through the guidelines, they were not clear about what the instructions were--they appeared to be comparison shops, but I couldn't tell if I was supposed to do one, four, or even any. (the pay for each one was very good-so it's possible they wanted more than one comparison, but I can't tell from the guidelines). I emailed the company who was doing the contracting by email and then phone and was told that Summit was who I needed to talk to. Turns out I wasn't even registered with Summit. I registered and got an account, and these 2 shops weren't even on my Summit shop log--though they did appear on the auto contracting company's site. There was no phone number, the scheduler who was listed on my original assignment (on the automotive site) had a note which said she could only be reached by text --I don't text, believe it or not (yeah, I'm a fossil with a flip phone). There is no phone number that I could find to make a call.

I opted not to do yesterday's shop because I wasn't clear on instructions and felt that if I did it incorrectly or incompletely, I would not be paid. As yesterday's shop is 25 miles each way, the gas and the time spent would not be worth not getting paid. I emailed the night before and let them know that if I did not hear back, I would not be able to do the shop. I did not hear back and did not do the shop.

I received 2 "Overdue" notices and I responded to the most recent and also sent (another)one using the help/contact form. No answer. So, now I will not be doing today's shop either.

I really wanted to do these shops and let them know that I would reschedule and do them if it was possible, but I needed the instructions clarified first. I hate ruining my rating with a new company, but I'm at a loss as to what to do next. Any ideas? Does anyone have a phone number for Summit or a suggestion as to an alternate email address to try? Has anyone had this problem before? If someone from Summit is monitoring this page, I would love to get in touch.

Help! You guys are my last resort.

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It sounds as if you read the shop guidelines and were still confused? What MSC website was that on? Schedulers can work for several companies and your shop might not actually be on Summits website.
You stated that the scheduler can only be reached by text. There is not a number attached to that note? If so, call it - it should be a voice number as well. If the scheduler does not answer, leave a voice message if possible.

If there is no number at all, see if you can find the mystery shopper's full website - not just the shopper interface. Usually, the main website has all sorts of information, including multiple contact numbers. There might even be a link for information for mystery shoppers.

Finally, your late notice email should have some sort of contact information that encourages you to contact the scheduler if there is an issue.

Good luck!

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Contact as she is the owner of the scheduling company. She likely can call the scheduler you are trying to get in touch with and fix the problem for you.
Hi 3Sibes mom, I also had questions about auto shop guidelines on a Summit scheduled shop. I emailed my Scheduler who responded within 24 hours, rescheduled the due date on my shop log, and told me not to worry about the pre-programmed automated late notices. If you don't reach Judith, try my scheduler:
Just a note to remind all that if you want to keep posting anonymously, be very careful with how much detail you give in your posts. In this case, even though the OP is posting anonymously, it is clear to the MSC who she is.
Thank you all for the advice & email addresses--The MSC did contact me and my dates were extended. It's all a learning process isn't it? --Every new MSC and every new type of assignment.
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