Customer 1st payment for August shops


Has anyone received payment for Customer 1st shops completed in August? I have not and was wondering if I was the only one.


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I have not received payment for AUgust or September and just wrote an email to the payment "person" listed on their website. Just wondering if you were re-imbursed for receipts for alcohol compliance?
I have not received pay or reimbursement for August. The shops completed in August would or should have been paid around the 15th of September. I think September shops would be paid around Oct 15th. It always makes me nervous when a company starts to pay late. I wonder if they are beginning to go out of business.

Thanks for your reply.
If you go to their website and contact Carl, the director, he is the man to get things done. Super fast response. After waiting for 2 weeks and no reply from the accounting lady, I contacted him. He is on the ball!
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