Need EIN number for Market Force Information LLC

Can someone tell me the EIN for Market Force? Just need this information to complete my returns.

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I needed it from Ardent. My contact, who still works there, sent me an email saying they only sent them out to people who $x. I was one of them. I haven't hear from him since.

I did my taxes during a mystery shop. Dude went to (Dun & Bradstreet) to get information on Ardent. It said they were a mystery shopping company. He was able to create a 1099 based on what he got from the DB site.

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Nope, I am a “certified field technician”’for a different department with Market Force - I don’t do mystery shopping for this company.
I am a certified inspector for another company, A certified merchandiser for another and a personal shopper for several people.
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