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I was searching the areas all around town last night to see if I could find an area dense in shops to hit one afternoon this weekend, and stumbled across a burger shop for a place that is 4 miles from my house. MarketForce's map had it 45 miles from me, which is why that location has never shown up in my jobs list. I emailed their Help Desk thinking I could help them correct that, and they replied back that their map pulls from Google Maps. But there's no way that's possible, because their map never shows the locations correctly and I always have to use Google Maps to pull up the correct location.

Has this been an issue with them for a long time? I only joined at the beginning of January.

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@spicy1 wrote:

Look at the zip code that you provided in your profile, maybe that's off?

It's not that, I see all the other shops in my area. Though only one of the dozens I've looked at and/or accepted actually showed as being in the right location on MarketForce's map. There's a gas station right on the interstate a few miles from my house that shows as being in the middle of a park 4 or 5 miles away on their map.
They have a gas station with a Canadian address showing on my map right now. I think with the high number of shops they have available, a few mistakes are inevitable. I’m sure they will eventually figure it out when the shop continues to sit and they either look into it, or start making calls to shoppers trying to get it filled.
I have found that using the default zip code (home) and using my work zip code will bring up different search results. Even though the different results are inside the basic search parameters. Just seems like a bug in the system. I don't mind bugs, as long as they are consistent.

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Typo notwithstanding, I'm pretty sure we all knew what she meant ;-).

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