What's up with Sinclair Customer Metrics? Still in business?

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They are still in business. Try calling your scheduler and finding out what's going on with shops in your area.

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Hunh. Their website is down right now. Could just be temporary. They don't have much beyond the bank clients now though.
They are still around. Picked up a grocery store that I used to do regularly with a different MSP who paid $25 + $2 and occasional nice bonuses. Sinclair pays $6 + $5 for essentially the same shop... needless to say -- I haven't done a shop yet for them... and they call constantly. I told them once they can bonus it to get it within the realm of what I used to do it for, I'll bite -- but it hasn't happened yet, so they must have plenty of shoppers.
Did two shops for them yesterday. Looks like their site is down I can't get into input them.
I have never found a shop worth doing on that site, but maybe they don't have much stuff in my area. All I've ever seen is a bank shop that pays way too little, and a local car wash company that pays you $6 with no reimbursement when the cheapest service at that place is almost $20. It rapidly moved down to the "I'll check it if I'm bored and can't find anything else to do" section of the list.
Being unable to login to their website does happen more frequently when compared to other msc's. They do seem to have fewer clients compared to last year. I don't see the pretzel client anymore.
I did some pretzels in March.

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Hmmm, interesting that the pretzels are still around by them. I'l expand the search area out of curiosity.
They finally got caught up in their game of take the unfavorable shop and get a pretzel .... unrelated restaurants.... not worth the game.
That's good to know. I am not playing that game. I'm unable to find the search for shops by area on their website.
I have a question regarding their bank client. Let's say I am interested, but need more details....the website does NOT give any further details other than the fee and dates. How am I to know if it's a new account opening or current account holder??? Or another scenario?? Would I have to email the scheduler each and every time?? Or if I hit the "I'm Interested" button, will I get more info?? I've been hesitant to click that button for fear I'd be assigned without having enough info to make up my mind first. Thanks in advance!
If you go into qualification tab, go to the bank client, then select review briefing, you'll get a lot of information to give u an idea of what the shop is about.

Or you can email the scheduler, they are usually helpful.
Haven’t seen their pizza shops in almost a year now. The scheduler said the shop locations in my state are franchised and the locations have not opted in again yet. Call me crazy, but it’s my favorite pizza!

They have been sending emails for a new shop recently.

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That is the grossest pizza known to mankind.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
They're still there. Got a call yesterday for a grocery shop. Told the scheduler I couldn't do it for the lowered fee and greater requirements. She added a few $. Still wasn't even close to worth it. She couldn't understand that lowering fees and increasing requirements was a disincentive. "Offered" to remove me from their database. /smh

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The deli shop I did at least once a month for them seems to have disappeared in 2018. Not a big money maker but I love lunch shops the most and the food was healthy.
Sinclair sidenote: Don't they have an app? I keep seeing it mentioned in some of the briefings but a search on their site as well as the Apple app store doesn't turn anything up. Does anyone know what it is, if it exists?
I did a job for them last month reviewing apps. (It was posted so I don't feel that is a violation) I have a $260.00 check sitting here for basically the easiest "job" I have done to date. I am hoping they have more of this type of work because I am IN! I came upon the job at the tail end of it, so that was disappointing.
I just finished a whole slew of shops with Sinclair for the same client. Albeit there was some driving, but it was one of the best shops ever!!!! I wish it was a regular rotation. Mine wasn't posted either.
@bgriffin wrote:

That is the grossest pizza known to mankind.
I think that Papa John's is worse actually.
All I have in my area are bank shops. Haven't seen a pretzel shop or grocery shop in ages.
they have some shops in my area but I am waiting when they will be bonused..

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
they still have pretzels shops but mainly in Airports..

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
they still have pretzels shops but mainly in Airports..

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
I think they just aren't shopped as often. The full list appeared to be shopped in February.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
Shops for the large "east Coast" regional bank appear every month. I do them occasionally, and did one last week.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I have found Gina to be wonderful; organized, responsive and knowledgeable. I have recently had contact with Sergio and Felecia, who appear to possibly be newer. They did not exhibit any of the qualities I mentioned Gina has..... I will definitely be thinking twice about taking a project with these schedulers in the future.

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