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Act stupid, say okay, and then ignore his texts for a day or so. I am thinking the FTC might be able to do something with his phone number.
Yes, I received the same from Patrick. He's texting me to see if I received his package via USPS. Who do you report these people to?
The Federal Trade Commission (there is a link in a post on the previous page). That or your post office manager as it is mail fraud.
did you reply to him? i just ignored him and then he texted again at like 930 Sunday night and i was thinking "umm dude it's 930 on a Sunday, no one in the professional world would have actually done that"...I still haven't replied and can't figure out where/how on the FTC to report...I clicked the scam by a business and as i was going through steps filling out info it didn't look right since Helion Research isn't the actual problem, then i clicked another option and as i was clicking through entering the info it didn't seem like the correct option either...I'm over it and just want to block this number, throw the stuff away, and be done with it...but I also want this person found and penalized if possible to hopefully save others from having to deal with this...
@Smokecool187 wrote:

Is this a legit company
I would like to know also if they are legit. They sent me an money order not a check and told me to take my commission out and send the rest. I need to know because I've been scammed before and I have 4 kids. I'm not trying to get in trouble behind no scam.
Throw it away. Legitimate companies never work like this. They may steal the name of a real company to seem legit, but you will land yourself in a lot of trouble if you pursue this. Read on this forum for some horror stories about this.
Read just this particular thread! I posted links to other people's troubles over the fake check (money order, etc.) scam. It's fake, fake, fake, it's a scam. NO ONE PAYS IN ADVANCE FOR WORK NOT COMPLETED. PERIOD.

How this works is you sign up with a company on a secure site, you get a user name and password, you get guidelines and a report form on the website, you go TO THE WEBSITE to report, and after your report has been reviewed and accepted, you get paid a few weeks later. Usually payment is $10-$30 per assignment.
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