BARE tests - how do I find?

Hi, I am a brand new shopper and already finding great info here, including the incredibly helpful spreadsheet. I very much want to do a shop with BARE, with whom I have successfully registered and requested the shop. They suggest that shoppers take their tests in their evaluation section, but I cannot find this. Can someone point me to it? Many thanks in advance.

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When you log in and go to the Shop Log, you just click Tests and Qualifications on the toolbar. Then click the button for "Evaluator Testing Center".
I think years ago I took the basic evaluator test and that was all I ever took (though I have done plenty of shops for them), and yes, it was in the testing center on the shop log main page like ShopGuy wrote above.
Thank you so much. I am brand new and registered with only a few companies, but so far the BARE website and information is the most helpful and sophisticated I have seen.
@djd1950 - Good Morning. Sorry that I am just now seeing your question that you posted Sunday morning. I am pleased that @ShopGuy9 was able to assist you in locating the BARE Basics Evaluator Test.
If you ever have questions, you can always contact a scheduler listed on the Job Board. We are here to assist you. Thank you. Have a great day!

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Is this for the pastry shop? If so, that video is being revised. Contact Mollie and ask if she can assign it to you. She's very helpful.

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No, it's not for the pastry shop, although that sounds intriguing. I haven't seen one listed in my area. Thanks.
@caitlyn20 - When you login to the Bare Evaluator Login, Click Shop Log, then click on Tests and Qualifications Qualifications, then Testing Center: []
Do you see this test in the listing?
*Hospitality: BAR CERTIFICATION 2017 (02/01/18)
And yes, @HonnyBrown is correct. You can always ask a Scheduler, including Mollie. Someone would be happy to assist you.

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Yes, I can see the list, but I can't take any of them. The only one I was able to take is the basic one.
@caitlyn20 - I believe you will be eligible to take the others once you've completed the Bare Basics. Have you completed that test? I believe it is a prerequisite to all of the other tests.

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Yes, I've completed it and gotten the certificate. I will just check back to see when the others become available. Thank you!
@caitlyn20 - Send an email to the Scheduler that is assigned to the evaluation that you're looking to become qualified for to perform. He/She can assist you with your certifications.

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What will be in the basic test? Can I get some useful tips before attempting it. As its my first experience for any mystery shopper platform.
If it is a basic certification for shopping, not client specific, most of the answers will involve common sense. There should also be some type of training manual or list of the basics. Beyond that we really can't tell you even if there is someone who remembers. I've been registered with Bare for ten years so no way I remember a thingsmiling smiley

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