Ideas on how/who to contact at STN

There is a Quick Info Booth shop I would love to complete tomorrow, but you have to be at least 40 to request it. The shop said you can apply if you under 40 as long as you get permission from the scheduler first.

I have no idea who to contact. I clicked on the contact scheduler link in my profile and emailed them, but I have never seen an email from her or heard anything from her since I've been with them so I am wondering if it was an outdated link.

Usually if I have a question I email whomever I have been getting emails from at the time, but in the past month, they have apparently changed schedulers a few times. Any suggestions on where I could find some contact info?

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STN uses different schedulers for differrent projects. Maybe the scheduler's name is on the email?

3045 Miller Road | Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: 734.302.8400 come your phone # and address are on here?

edited to say...I stand corrected.

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Good morning,

Over 24 hours ago I requested an assignment. I checked my email last night around 11:00 pm. And there was not an email confirming me for the assignment. I checked the job board and it was still on. This morning when I got up at 7:45 AM there was an email assigning me this shop, that is due today Dec 4. It would have given me an hour and 15 minutes to get up, get ready, drive a distance and locate the place inside a large supermarket in a mall and get there on time. I already took another job from another company. The same scheduler had assigned me a job two weeks ago, however, never notified me by email (as they usually do) and if I were not perusing the STN site I would not have known.

I realized they have hired or use new schedulers and this one is constantly doing things like this. Has anyone else had this problem?

Savana23, I have found that, typically, assignments are site-generated and don't happen until after midnight. Did you check to see if there was an option to change the shop date on your Scheduled Shops? That's a fairly new feature. I know what you mean about not receiving a confirmation email, though it doesn't happen often.

I would contact the scheduler for the account, and explain, asking for a reschedule, explaining that 1.5 hours notice was not enough.
If that is the assignment it sounds like, they are date/time specific so no reschedules. I could have sworn STN had an option to cancel an application.

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I am not sure if he is the correct person, but Ryan, always, always emails back promptly.
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