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I have searched high and low for this page when logged in. It supposedly has the scenario for a shop I have coming up. Does anyone see the Community web page on their homepage?

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Is it a new home shop? If so, there should be a link or a web address for the community's website.

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It's s a rehab facility. I'm thinking it's right in front of my face, but I can't see it. No link, nothing. I did call the scheduler and she told me where to look. She said it would be on my home page. Just got new contacts... Lol.
I would be thrilled to just be able to determine if I have been assigned a shop or not. The Prophet page that they use is not very user-friendly by any means. I apply, or think I apply to shops, and never hear anything back. I have just recently made contact with Michelle, one of the schedulers. She has been fantastic but I hate to bother her with an issue that makes me feel this inept.

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