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Anytime a check for $2,320 arrives and the letter attached says to deposit it within 24 hours, I have questions. The letter also stated that $300 of that money would be mine. Before getting the letter, I had received an email which said, "This is about a SURVEY ANALYST/STORE EVALUATOR job you applied for few days ago." I had not applied for anything through Clear Evaluations Has anyone received such an "offer?"

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This is a SCAM!!!!!!!!! Don't deposit that check, it will bounce. Think for a moment, what company that you don't know or have ever worked for send you a check?!?!?!?!?!?! This is a typical SCAM. If you did deposit that check, your bank will put it into your account, firstly you would be out the cash as well as the cost of a bounced check.
Although Clear Evaluations is a legitimate MS company (and a very fine one) this is a SCAM. Scammers like to hijack the names of reputable MS companies to foll people into thinking that this is for real. I have shopped for Clear Evaluations for more than 10 years, know the owners and schedulers and can tell you that they would NEVER pay an unknown shopper in advance because they do not pay anyone in advance. Also, they specialize in video recorded shops and pre-screen their actual shoppers for video skills.

DO NOT deposit that check. After you have withdrawn and forwarded cash or merchandise to the scammers, your banks will discover (in about 2 weeks) that it is a bogus check. YOU will be responsible for repaying the bank AND are subject to having your account canceled and your name placed on a list to warn other banks not to let you open an account. We have heard from too many folks who have been through horrible experiences of this kind.

Just think... why would any business send you money without having a prior relationship with you where you had proven your skills doing work for THEM? If it looks too good to be true, then it is!

DO NOT trust any offer that says they "just got your nme" from some trusted source. AND remember, no legitimate MSC pays in advance . Fees for real assignments for new shoppers are actually in the range of $5 to $15.

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Thanks, Shoppers. I knew it was a scam but didn't know if Clear Evaluations was a legitimate company. I appreciate the feedback.
Our company name is being used in a counterfeit check cashing scam to make it look real. It's been several years since we've been targeted, but they are being very aggressive right now. Many legitimate shopping companies fall victim to this. I am receiving up to 20 calls a day, just as many phone messages in the evenings and emails/messages via our website, since Feb. We have had a warning on our website for many years as well as notices at other sites.

Many have deposited the checks and have had their bank accounts frozen, one gentleman said he got as far as the Walmart Express center and they would not transfer the funds, thank goodness. So hopefully there is a red flag on that end now. However, they just added a new twist to it and are asking people to purchase iTunes gift cards and send them photos of the PINs. So far one person, that I know of, has fallen for it and lost $1900.

I called the Secret Service in February this year and they said if someone has suffered a loss they should start with local police and if the loss is significant enough, they will turn it over to the SS (Got the same story in 2010 and several people got scammed over $4000 and that was not significant enough for the SS). I also spoke to the FBI and got the same story but they said to direct people to to report it. I'm hoping that if enough people file a complaint at that site, they may actually launch an investigation. I know there are other sites to file complaints as well, but the FBI gave me this one.

Leslie Jeter
President, Clear Evaluations
i just got one of those letters too but had signed up recently for Walmart secret shopper I thought. but when I read my email they said they will contact by phone or email. thanks for the confirmation of my thoughts
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