BVA Mystery Shopping

I saw mine when I received the email (same time) but my friend didn't see hers until a few hours after receiving the email.

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I saw similar shops in some mobile apps companies..

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
I guess the BVAMS food assignments are done.


But seriously folks, these were the best.
@NinS, sure, it's better than nothing. But right now, those jobs in my area are once a week. I can flavor the food with my SALTY TEARS!!!
they have shops in Philly area.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
Does gigwalk no longer have these? They are suddenly gone. I wonder if this has to do with the fact that someone in the other thread, the one for the indian company that's also recruiting for these shops, contacted the client to let them know that shoppers weren't being paid.
It probably has a lot more to do with the project just running its natural course, either permanently or (we can all hope) temporarily. For a few days the most recently added delivery provider was still available on GigWalk but now that's gone too. BTW, when these were on PrestoShop via Confidential Consumer they were definitely via RedQuanta, and I wouldn't be surprised if Merc, BVA and GigWalk all had a similar arrangement as my first Google whitelist worked for all of those providers. The length of this project certainly exceeded my wildest expectations, but if it does pop back somewhere I'll be thrilled to do it again! While I luckily never did it for RedQuanta I certainly don't blame the shoppers who got ripped off from trying to get some resolution from the client.
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