Does Bare International ghost shoppers?

First time with the company. I have registered for a shop but didn't hear back. I need to know what my schedule is like so I can plan accordingly. Are they usually good about getting back to you? Should I assume they shop is no longer available?

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Like most MSC, response times on applications differ by shop type. Perhaps you are not in the demographic they desire. Perhaps they are waiting for someone more experienced to apply. Perhaps you will get the assignment any moment. How long has it been since you applied. What type of shop (not client) is it?
Wouldn't ghosting imply working with a contractor then suddenly not responding? Back in my early days it wasn't unusual for my first applications to sit. It is to be expected when you are an unknown to the company.

Since Bare uses Sassie you can check the My Apps tab. The shop will either show as pending, assigned to someone else or be gone. If the shop is still pending and you have reached your own deadline, simply delete the app. It won't impact your ability get shops down the line.

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It implies I got a message about jobs and then they ignored my reply.
Thanks for asking for clarification!
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