I have done two food shops for this MSC. I don't quite understand their website. How do you check if your assignment has been completed and accepted?

The shops are simple to do, if you haven't checked them out!

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WOW! I have already received payment for my two shops done this week. I guess my shops have been accepted. smiling smiley. I don't think I have ever been paid faster. Bravo BVA!
Yes, I've gotten payment in under 48 hours for every delivery shop I've done for them.
Awesome! Thanks for the lead grinning smiley

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 28 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
I just looked up this company. They make you submit a resume? I have never done that for a mystery shop company before. Did you all do that?
So BVA contacted me and asked me to share their official sign up link for the food ordering job: []

They reimburse $30 for delivery orders and $25 for pick up. I haven’t cooked for a month because of this assignment and after doing the report a few times, I’ve now got it down to 5 minutes. Plus their pay turnaround is the fastest. Usually 24 hours, though after the weekend, it takes longer.

I highly recommend signing up and passing the link on to friends, even ones that don’t mystery shop. (No, I don’t get a commission.)

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I just put in my e-mail address and they send me a code. I did a search and they had nothing in my area sad smiley
That's a bummer. They've got assignments even in places like Missoula, MT and around Detroit. Have you been able to look at the portal? If there are eligible restaurants near you, maybe they can open up your area. That's pure speculation, by the way.
Difficult to sign in, won't accept, and site moves back...did look and no jobs here in the West.

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some
blues....Duke Ellington
Really? Where are you? I see assignments: (in CA) San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Mountain View; Portland, OR; Phoenix, AZ; just to name a few.

Man. Maybe I should be on the BVA payroll.
I saw nothing, I'm in a sub of L.A.....I was unable to sign up.

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some
blues....Duke Ellington
That's really odd. None of my friends have had a problem signing up. It's really worthwhile to troubleshoot, I think.
I don't think so. I did see assignments in St. Louis, MO, and Dallas, but not Kansas City (MO or KS), Tulsa, Topeka, Witchita, or Oklahoma City.
Sounds like these are the same as the Presto shops on the Presto-insta shop app. But these pay a little better.

They appear to have shops in my area but I guess I'd need to sign up to see which restaurants near me are participating.

Thanks to shopsuey for posting the link.
For those saying they have nothing in your area. Take a look at the instructions on the assignment and check out the ordering website to see if there are restaurants in your area. I did a few shops while out of town. I emailed them and told them that my city didn't have shops but there were restaurants there. They never answered my email, but my city showed up with a job a few days later. It can't hurt to ask them if they can add your city (if there are restaurants in your area), they just might do it.
@roxanne9153 wrote:

Has anyone else had these shops discontinued in their metropolitan area?

Not my regular one, but the metro area that I go to every 2-3 weeks was removed
Can I revive this post for a minute to ask anyone who successfully ordered delivery or takeout from the BVA on demand platform, how in the world do I set up future ordering? I cannot for the life of me figure it out! I’ve tried opening the on demand site on both my phone and computer, in safari, google chrome, everything, and there’s no option for me to set a future date. What am I missing?!!
I saw on the imsc job postings group where they were adding cities for shoppers who posted. That is how I ended up with some shops.
I asked for my area on the facebook page for independent shoppers, and the next day, my town was available. If you take the job, and it says delivery OR takeout, but once assigned it says Delivery, can you still do them as takeout? I have asked BVA as well, but I know you guys are really good at these shops.

Orlando - lightly shopping NC
@oteixeira They sent out a communication a while ago saying to do Delivery only, and I haven't seen anything changing those instructions. That said, my area is on hold, so I don't know if they're sending out additional communication that I haven't seen.
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