Satisfaction Services Inc.

I was going to sign up with this company based on some of the comments I saw on the forum.

However, their site promotes 2 levels of shoppers -- one where you can sign up for free (where you will be at the "back of the line" behind shoppers who have paid) and a "rated" shopper category (where shoppers get first dibs on available shops).

I was curious if it is worth signing up as a "free" shopper. I have never seen a company that had a tiered system like this so this is surprising to me. I also don't want to waste my time signing up for a free account if I will never get a shop....

Any feedback is much appreciated.

I copied and pasted the verbiage that the company used here for your reference.....

"We offer two mystery shopper /evaluator programs for you to choose from: Sign up for "FREE" or pay $9.99 / year to Join our Rated Evaluator and receive Rated Members Benefits.

We offer assignments to non-rated evaluators if there are no available SSI rated evaluators in the area. You will have fewer opportunities than the rated evaluators in your area for mystery shops. Plus, you'll miss out on our rated member's-only benefits, savings and discounts."

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I think perhaps you have gotten Satisfaction Services mixed up with Shadow Shopper?

This is the correct link for Satisfaction Services:


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Nope, the OP has the right company. Satisfaction Services does have an option to pay $9.99 to join their "special" group.

On their Home Page, they advertise it as such:
".. Have you joined the new SSI Rated Evaluator Program.... We are opening new offices and in order FOR YOU to be recognized by NEW SCHEDULERS for your quality work, being a Rated Member gives you greater opportunity to be chosen more often for available assignments in your can become a 'Rated' member for an annual fee of only $9.99 ....."

I have never felt the need to pay them. And if appears bgriffin never paid them either. My recommendation is not to pay. Has anyone paid and found it to be worth it? Let us know.
Interesting.. I recently signed up for this company as well and was surprised to see the fee listed. I just opened a free account but was also curious if it was a waste of my time....
It is the right company. I do one shop for them regularly. I contact the scheduler and get it assigned with no issues. No way would I pay $10.

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I paid the $10.00 years ago when I first sighed up with them. The only thing I've seen for my money is the worthless discount to things I'm not interested in. No benefits at all. I do not think I see any more shops that someone who did not pay.
Oh this is strange. I don’t remember ever seeing this fee, there is no way that I would pay to do the work. I do shops regularly for this company and never had any issues.
I think I signed up with them in 2016. The tiers have been there at least since then. I started shopping with them in November, 2017. I have never had an issue getting the shops I wanted.

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I've done one kind of shop for them....and it only seems to come up every few months....thankfully this shop has a few locations but still....and no I've never paid the fee....

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