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Recently I did a furniture shop for this company. Spent four hours at the store, two hours for preparing 18 page report, and one hour for commuting. I missed just one item and for that the entire amount was not paid.Is it fair to forfeit the entire payment? Some companies deduct a portion of the amount for the missed item and pay the balance.
Just I want to share with other mystary shoppers.

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This is a frequent complaint about this shop and is the very reason most of us will not touch it with the proverbial 10' pole. Even if you got all the data there is still the bone of contention about whether the person who helped you in X department actually worked in that department or was assigned to Y department and only stopped to assist you when you were in X and looking lost. A ringtail loser shop as far as I am concerned. If you want to go to that store, do it on your own time and forget about the big price tag they offer for this shop.
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