CONFERO - I just got my FIRST "10" !!!!

I can't believe it!! I am dumbfounded!!! I actually got my FIRST EVER "10" from a Confero grocery shop I did yesterday!! I've worked so hard on these in the past, and have always gotten an "8".....they must have a new editor haha!! Anyhow, since there have been many threads (now all closed) in the past about how hard it is to get a 10 from them, I just sort of wanted to give myself a "shout out" ... haha .... not really boasting, more like, man, am I shocked!!!

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Confero needs to raise their pay rates on a lot of their shops, particularly the grocery ones. Quite a bit of work involved to not get a 10 rating.
Thanks, all!! And to boot, there was a $10.00 bonus!!!!! Maybe because I did it last minute for them, they gave me an extra point or something.
I did my first shop with them. It was a phone shop. I could not reach anyone in 3 attempts and hence I submitted the report. I get an 8 and half of the pay which was surprising. Why would you give an 8 if a shopper followed all the guidelines?
Mum, A shop grade of 8 from Confero is the norm and means you did just fine. That's what surprised me so about getting a 10! It's like pulling teeth to get that from them. To them, 8 means "great! thanks! good job!" So you did fine!
9's and 10's were always my scores for 11 shops in the past. But they were not grocery shops.
I didn't even know Confero did grocery shops. I guess they don't in my area anyway. I'll have to check my history to see if I got any 10's on any of their other shops. I don't remember.

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That is great! I always feel as if I am doing something wrong on their shops because of the 7 to 8 scores.
Well, I've got another grocery shop with them tomorrow.....I've ALWAYS gotten 8's from them, except for the odd "10" I got as mentioned above. We'll see if I'm back to my "8" with tomorrow's shop.
When I used to shop for them, I once asked the editor why I got a 9, and she told me she wasn't allowed to give me a 10. I don't understand the point, quite honestly.
My understanding is that some easier shops will receive a max score of 9. Only more complex shops are eligible to receive a 10. I have gotten several 10s with them, but a 9 doesn't bother me a bit.
It reminds me of my college English Composition professor. I kept repeatedly getting 98% and 99% on my papers and asked why, no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a 100%. He said, "Because nobody's perfect."

Edited because I am not perfect.

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Well, the grocery shop I did two days ago on the 10th was graded with a "9"....which I'm happy with! I reckon it was because of a couple of issues I had to mention in my report. So my one and only "10" will really stand out for me!!
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