For schedulers and others who send instructions via email (True Guest pay attention!)

I would like to remind anyone who sends email with instructions to remember that emailed instructions usually supersede instructions on the website. When you send such an email please do not include instructions that are not related to the assigned shop. It should be a simple matter of using the cutting feature in your email or your word processing program to cut out the unneeded instructions. I just withdrew from a shop in part because the people who sent the emails included instructions regarding shopping the bar/lounge and using microsoft word that did not pertain to the assigned shop. I feel that not removing these instructions wasted my time. I should not have to contact anyone to ask questions about these instructions because the instructions should be correct in the first place.

There were also instructions that were completely missing (i.e. not included on the shopmetrics website and not included in the emails.). I am not going to get into details regarding what happened when I tried to ask about this. That would be a whole additional story.

It should be noted that this shop was at an expensive, high class hotel. I felt that I would be taking too much risk if I continued to work with these schedulers or account managers (Neither of them used their job titles in their emails.). I would be the one who was out hundreds of dollars if something went wrong.

"Evolve thyself and lose all hate...." Orphaned Land

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As if Rolan (I think that's his name) gives a rat's ass about what you or anyone else thinks?

You're dreaming.
SoCalMama: I seemed to be getting emails from someone else as well as Roldan which might have been part of what caused so much confusion.

"Evolve thyself and lose all hate...." Orphaned Land
I also love the fact that you are told that you will be visiting a number of outlets while at the property, but not actually told which outlets and how many until a few days before you are scheduled to check-in. What's that? You want me to visit seven different outlets, AND order room service during my two day assignment, on top of interacting with various departments, and then submit the surveys 24 hours after my departure, On top of the vague/unclear/missing/contradicting instructions.

I'm all for being able to make an informed decision when applying for, and accepting an assignment. This is just one reason why some evaluators are made to feel obligated to accept an assignment after they've applied for/assigned to it. This example and the one above, are why so many evaluators choose not to work with True Guest. Caveat emptor.
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