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who has experience with this company? Do they have many jobs and do they pay well?



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I enjoy working with them. Not many jobs in my area, but I'm not in a major city. (I'm 35-40 minutes away from Houston)
IMO, they have decent paying jobs and pay at the end of the month, following the month you performed the job.
There is a thread on them, and yes, they pay on time and are one of my five top companies. Research this forum and you'll find the answers your looking for.

Live consciously....
Just had my first with them. Not bad, but a bit wordy on their question form. Good pay rate.
Actually, I have done four warranty shops in the last two weeks for BARE. Run right in and out, pays $12.50, with very little write up. I would do a dozen more if I could. smiling smiley
I've done a number of shops for them and like them very much. They're one of my favorites MSC to work for.
Carol, I did four appliance shops, in and out, easy reports for 15.00...60.00 for 1 1/2 hours, I'll take it.

Live consciously....
Depending on where you live, and what they have there, undoubtedly helps determine feelings for them, as with all MSPs Luckily for me, they have very nice shops here. Fair pay, generous reimbursement, great communication and no chasing after payment.

I cut my teeth on this MSP's easier shops, which is primarily all they had here when I started. Though I couldn't have forecast it as I built my business and earned high ratings with Bare, it paid off in spades.
TamaraS Wrote:
> Hi,
> who has experience with this company? Do they have
> many jobs and do they pay well?
> thanks
> Tam

Love them . . . out here in SD I did some Mystery Shops for them and they have a good website with good instructions and it was fun shop for me !!!
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