Bare is Nice

So, I have to say that I had a very bad shop with Bare, but they treated it very fairly. I was supposed to get my oil changed. Pretty easy right? NO! Because this place was a place to get your car fancied up. The lube was just a lure to get people to spend money on detailing their car. I was in a huge city on the weekend and there were at least 100 cars getting the spa treatment. It was chaos. I had no idea what was going on. Everything they were "supposed" to do, wasn't done because there were 100's of people getting their car spa'ed over the weekend. No rules were followed. I sat for over an hour (supposed to be 15 minutes) till I spied my car in the mass of cars in the lot. I asked if it was mine. They said yes, took my payment, and off I went.

Basically, I could answer no questions. I had no idea who the lube guy was, the guy that washed my car, or the service, because it was mayhem. Trying to piece a cohesive story out of chaos was impossible. I was positive they wouldn't take my report.

But they did. Thank you BARE!!!! And this location has no problem making money, so it can go off the rotation! They obviously get a @#$%& ton of people to do the unlimited detailing--- TRUST ME!

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Bare is a very good company.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Great example of an MSC recognizing that things happen that are outside of our control, and shops don't always go as planned. Good for you - and BARE!
I've always found Bare to be very good to work with. Unfortunately, they no longer conduct one of my favorite shops (a high-end car wash), so my car doesn't get cleaned as often as it should!
You cannot mentioned the MSC and the client in the same post. Please remove the client name.

I love this shop. Yes, avoid weekends but even during the week, expect to wait for at least 25 min.

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