Intellishop Payments

I did my first shop in July but cannot remember their pay time frame. Would someone please share this.

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Look at the first post in the thread at the top, directly above this thread, for MSC payment dates/terms of payment.
They normally pay the 20th of the following month unless it falls on a weekend. So, if you did jobs in July you should have gotten paid August 20th.
Intelli-shop made a mistake in November and they incessantly bombarded me to return the money, sometimes threatening fees. Well, I can't drop everything that I was doing. Before I return the money, I need to check my paperwork, to make sure it was indeed a mistake, and that they had already paid me what's owed me for November. It took me a couple of days to do this, but the emails and texts kept coming, somewhat threatening. That is uncalled for. It is their mistake and an inconvenience to me to return the money. I cannot just click Return Payment in Paypal, so I had to send a paper check. I did finally find the time to confirm my records, and return the extra payment. But, the way they pestered me was uncalled for. It's as if I was going to run away with a couple hundred dollars.

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