Did Confero Get Blown Away With The Hurricane?

I've e-mailed my schedulers via Sassie and via Gmail and called Confero's (800) 326-3880 number to leave a message. I have a guidelines question on my big-box office supply shop and a survey-completing shop for the three-month movie shop. Different schedulers for each category. No one's gotten back to me. I'm worried I'm going to be dinged like crazy but I don't want to do the shop incorrectly and pay out for something I did wrong. Anyone have any better way to reach them?


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They could well be under water! They possibly have no access to roads or phone because they are in North Carolina (due to the hurricane).

"To discuss your current program or get technical support:

(800) 326-3880 or (919) 469-5200 or click here to send a general inquiry. We may also be reached at 535 Keisler Drive Suite 204, Cary, NC 27518."

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If they are in Cary they have power and are not under water, trust me. I live less than one hour from there. I actually have a doctor appointment in Apex and a shop IN Cary today, everything in that area went back to business as usual for the most part yesterday. There are a few isolated bad spots, but I doubt they are in one.

Edit: I just checked, I have been in the complex they are in before, it is on the same grid as the hospital a block away, they would be the first to get power back had it gone out. I also checked the Duke outage map, and they do not have any outages reported within a mile of their office.

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They have enough power to cancel my shops, but not to respond so that I get the guidelines correct... go figure. Does the 919 number have the same extensions as the 800 one?

If they use work-at-home schedulers, there is no telling where those folks are located.

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