Does anyone here participate in the BVA online shopping project?

I posted another way about this but suspect in my attempt to follow rules I was too ambiguous.

I just want to talk with anyone with real experience with this project.

After numerous interviews and other hoop-jumping with this company, now that I have questions before going forward, I have been unable to get any response.

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I also posted looking for someone actively working on this project for the same reasons you stated .
I do the app food ordering where you have to create a separate new email account.

I get paid within two days. As of now, i've received over $930 in reimbursement.
BVA Mystery Shopping is a company based in France that manages assignments for clients internationally.

I am only aware of two projects that they handle in the US. They manage the online food ordering assignment (which I can't do because I don't live in a major city). And they have another online project which involves evaluating customer service and order processing. This is done through a combination of ordering items online, making customer service inquiries, receiving shipped items and returning the items.

@ceasesmith wrote:

What is BVA, and what was the project? Don't name the client, of course
@Pro Evals-Audits wrote:

...they have another online project which involves evaluating customer service and order processing. This is done through a combination of ordering items online, making customer service inquiries, receiving shipped items and returning the items.

Does anyone have any experience with this second one, the order/return? I have done similar shops before, but this looks like a long term process and I could use some perspective about whether it's a good fit for me.

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I just started this project and would love to talk to anyone that currently works it. I'm pleased with the work so far but a bit confused about how tasks are doled out and how to plan my time.
I just started it as well. Feel free to PM me but I'm still figuring things out myself.
Did they even ask us for our SSN when we signed up with BVA? I do the shopping online and never received 1099
I signed up the end of last year. Some ppl like it, some ppl don't. Ask whatever you want. If it's something I can answer, I will. No need to use dm. The company that pays you is not US based. They don't necessarily play by our tax reporting rules. At the end of the year, I'll be handing over my Paypal pmt + associated expenses to our tax whiz. Use the excel file that was in the giant zip file to keep track of what was paid. If you have questions, I encourage you to ask you lead, too. And if that is not satisfactorily answered, the next person up in my experience has been really prompt & helpful. You'll get out of it what you put into it. And, gee whiz, if it's not for you, there are so many other MSC projects that might tickle your fancy.
I like the project and do make money. My question is do you think we take a loss with the USD to Euro to USD conversion? i feel like my i don't get the full reimbursement and my expenses are high for shipping. I live at the opposite end of the country for donations.

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No, I do not believe I am losing money on shipping. Example: 3/25 I paid $3.09 to ship something back. I was paid 2.77 euros, which is $3.09. I use Paypal to purchase the postage - one of the few online places where you can actually pay for 1st class pkgs - anything under 16 ounces. I turn those shipping bags inside out & reuse them! Yes, there's tape & gas, printer paper.... I have that with most other projects, too. I try to only ship Mon/Wed/Sat. For those donations, I use a flat rate box & jam pack them. I also stack eBates for the rewards on donations & if absolutely necessary, use my Chase card & get points. I have saved every email a lead or "zazuu" has sent me about $$$. I will reiterate that even if a shop is rejected, shipping fees ARE reimbursed. Ok, more info than you asked for, but there ya go.
I’ve been working on the retail project since March, and in the past two months got my first three rejections. The first one did not come with any explanation, and one of the second ones was a shop where I cleared my responses with my shopping lead before submitting. I’m trying to not get frustrated by the rejections, and to keep in mind that they are a tiny fraction of my overall submissions. Anyone have some words of wisdom on how to look at rejections? Has anyone else seen an uptick in rejections of late? Feeling frustrated.

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I just got the rejection email today. They are a small part of the overall work, but it is still very frustrating because I have done the work. One of the rejections was also cleared by the shopping lead. They told me the wrong reason. What’s hard is the rejections are shops done months ago, so I could’ve been making the same mistake for the last four months! i’ve learned to just slow down when clicking the boxes. Clicking the wrong box will lead to an auto rejection. No reason is given. So, slow down and don’t rush and don’t take too many shops. I’ve been doing this project for over a year now; I don’t get a lot of errors anymore. I hate getting even one because the error is over something really small.
I just started working on the customer service purchase project in July of 2019. I'm still in the learning curve stage.
I have my own craziness going on, too. It is not without some level of frustration, ex., I had a task rejected and not paid for with the explanation that the SL did not know the cause, but that I should re-read the 17 page manual and that it could have been something to do with the algorithms.... On the other hand I've made clear mistakes that I should NOT have made, like buying a sharp object....twice (!) Still got paid. I think overall, with the number of paid to not paid makes it worth it for me. Hey, if people drop out that's more possibly more work for me, so have at it.
Thanks for the replies smiling smiley I’m glad to know that others are having the same experience, and I do agree that so far I’ve had few rejections compared to shops accepted. Thanks for reading my venting and offering support. I just hate feeling like such an expendable non-important person that one tiny fixable error means my work is worth nothing. But, that just how this work goes. Hopefully we all have perfect luck in the future.
Does anyone know when this project will end? I thought it was gonna be three months but it’s seems to be going on forever. I’m not complaining I’m just trying to plan.

Stil have over $200 NOT paid.... and they will not budge.... BEWARE

Can you tell us why? Seems like an awful lot of money to lose.
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