I had signed up to do a shop for them where I would give a reward to the employee. They were going to send me the package with the rewards in it. 2 days before the shop was due I emailed the scheduler and told her I had not received the package yet and was concerned. The day before I emailed her and told her I had not received the package and would not be able to do the shop because of that. I received the package two days after I was to do the shop. I had the package returned. I got an e-mail today saying they canceled the shop because I did not do it and my account has been flagged.

Has anyone else had this type of experience with them, I think that's pretty bad that I don't hear from them when I emailed and then they flag me because I didn't receive the materials in time.

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Yep. See my post above. Been flagged too. I tried to get ahold of the scheduler the moment I received the text message from FedEx that I had to be home to sign for the package. That was not possible.

I finally heard back after the shop was due to say I've been flagged.
Just got an email from them (5:39pm) for a well bonused shop FOR TODAY ONLY. This would have been a great shop for me today, had I known at a reasonable time. I would think this would be because someone cancelled, but there are several on the list to be filled.
I couldn't do my shop today because the location no longer had that special. I had no other ordering options.

Before your shop, call the location and ask if the special is still going on.

Man, I really wanted some chicken!

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