Confero -- Ugh!

Remembering today why I haven't done work for them in several years. Every time I agree to one of their prize award shops, there's a problem getting the prizes.

I live in the middle of nowhere. It takes FedEx, UPS, and the USPS extra time to get packages to me. If they would just ship to my PO Box, there would be no issue (and yes, both FedEx and UPS will deliver to the USPS for rural customers).

But no, they must deliver to the house and I must be there to sign for it. Not going to happen. Other MSCs send me packages and the drivers toss them over my 6-foot padlocked fence. Believe me, it's not an issue. My 120-lb Rott and 110-lb GSD guard those packages like there is prime rib inside.

So, Confero is not happy with me for refusing to take an entire day off to stare at the walls and wait for Fedex. Nope, there is not a local pickup facility where I could make arrangements to pick up the packages. And, no, I don't have neighbors.

Hopefully, I remember this for more than two years this time.

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You can reroute the package to the fed ex office. It’s a simple process.

How far away is the closest location?

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Re-routing didn't help, either. I re-routed mine and they delivered it to my house anyway. Called FedEx and they agreed to have it at the station the following day for me to pick up. I drive 30 miles to pick up the package as agreed, just to find out it was already out on the truck again headed to where I had re-routed the package to begin with. I spent two days chasing down my package just because I had to sign for it. I told FedEx just to send it back; I refuse to keep spending time, gas, and money chasing down a package. FedEx called me about an hour and a half later and said it was delivered to my re-route station and I could pick it up. It would have been so simple to just leave the package on my doorstep as all other companies do. I have two security cameras on my porch; I don't think there would have been a problem.

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Don't you just love how the prizes are worth more than they want to pay us for the shops.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
Several years ago, I made the mistake of applying for one of the prize shops through Confero. They are. to me, such a PITA, it would take a bonus far in excess of what they would be willing to pay, for me to repeat that action.
I did a lot of these in years past (10 years ago and more). They're only worth it if you are doing a route, and they are close to home, and you like the food. Otherwise, you're working for $5 an hour.
You can put a "vacation hold" on the package in order to manipulate the delivery date if there is a day you plan to be home anyway.

Thay must be sending the package out as cheap as possible. My shop date was September 29th. The package was sent September 24th. I received it October 1st and the paperwork said that it was to be delivered October 2nd so they even delivered it a day early and it was late.
They let the jobs sit an entire week on the website, sending daily emails to shoppers. I signed up the first day, they left the apps open in my applied for section while keeping the postings all open to gather additional requests. They finally assigned the shops several days before they were due, generating the rejection emails.

As for Fedex, I use the App to intercept scheduled deliveries, requiring signatures, and have them sent to the local Fedex office. For one MSC, Fedex will recognize my setting to leave packages that require signatures. Some companies use their option to require a signature regardless.

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I forgot to update my address after I signed up for the shop. I get a notification from FedEx with delivery scheduled to the old address. Confero has to make the update with FedEx. I called FedEx to have the prize package held at the distribution facility.

FedEx told me they use grocery stores for delivery and pick up. I picked up the package from the grocery store near my house.

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