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Hey all, Because I met the credit score guidelines, I was invited to and accepted an offer to participate in one of Informa's online loan request shops. It is the one where you apply for 3 different loan amounts with the same company, and see what results you get. You don't actually go through the complete process, and the company web site has a notation saying that your credit score is not impacted at all just for checking the rates for a loan.

So I got the rates for the first loan amount, and took my screenshot. Then, for the second request, for a higher amount, and using a different email - as required - but all the same information, my second request was denied due to having applied for an earlier loan. So obviously the company bases it on the SS#. So I took a screen shot of that result also.

For the third request, for yet an even higher amount, that one was denied for not having an income high enough to meet the loan requirements, so I took a screen shot of that one also. I then emailed my Informa contact and asked him how to proceed, telling him the results of my loan app requests. I was told to go ahead with the report and state exactly what happened, including the screen shots for all 3 app requests.

My question is: has anyone EVER done one of these, and had one or more loan apps denied and been paid by Informa??? I'm hoping they are just looking for information and that the info I submitted is what they want.

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They sometimes give you fake info to put it to see IF you get denied. They are wanting to see what results you get based on the information. They are not specifically looking for you to qualify for every loan.

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I put in the same info for all 3 loans and was approved for 2. Sent all 3 screen shots and was paid. No problems. As I recall, I started by asking about the lowest amount and then the increases. BUT, remember that every one of the many lenders that you could have shopped for that has a different on-line process. The good news is that Informa is a stand-up MSC.

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