Albatross - No payment for years - any help?

I have not been paid for any of my nine shops that I've done for Albatross. These shops date back to 2015. I realized it was because I did not have a PayPal email address listed until just recently, when I realized the payment email box was empty. I have already updated that payment information, but I still have not been paid. I have tried contacting the company through the online form multiple times, and have tried emailing the general email that was listed on the website as well. Is there anyone who can help me get paid for my work? I think there's about 700-800 dollars of expenses, and with the challenges my family's going through now, we could really use that money to help pay the debts and put some food on the table. Thank you for your help!

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How did you miss so many shops? Not trying to scold you (maybe a little thou) Albatross is solod company. Email them again. I do not have their email with me right now, I will look. I trust that they will pay you just because they are serious and responsible.
Edited to add: I just remembered that it happened once to me with different company. About 5-6 shops went unpaid until I realized I did not submit W-9. I was paid right away but it was 3-4 months later, not years. Good luck! I think you will get paid
If you only recently put in your paypal info, it may take some time.

E-mail the company again. Admit it was due to your own error, and ask what can be done.

Best of luck with this!
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