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I searched the forums and found a thread from years ago about how someone had issues with pay from this company. But that was awhile back, anyone with any recent experience know when this company pays or knows how they pay? I cant find anything regarding payment. This would be my first time applying with this company so just trying to get some feedback. Thanks everyone!

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I don't recall the exact payment terms, but pretty damn quick. Usually within a couple of weeks.

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They have sent me a payment every week for the previous week's work. I don't know if that varies depending on the client. I just started shopping for them in October.
I'm working for them tomorrow, and have in the past, never having a problem....hope that helps.

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I have completed 10 jobs for Primo over a six year period and always been promptly paid.
In my area, all that is listed is either a shop for a visit to an assisted living place or a phone call to such a place. I'm not interested in those types of shops. Do they offer different types of shops across the country, or is this type of shop their main focus?? They have such a good reputation here, I wish they had other shops in my area.
The only job I see here are Assisted Living, which I'm doing tomorrow...they pay well.

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Assisted Living is their main focus. I have completed a smattering of telephone and onsite apartment shops for them.
OK, thanks, guys. I know Irene & I are on opposite coasts, so I reckon that assisted living is their main focus. I'll just stay signed up with them and check them once a month or so to see if anything else comes up.
I've worked for them over six months, and payments have been monthly, but lately every two weeks. I had a payment issue once, but that was do to me. They are good with me, and the more you do the more they'll seek you out, and you can go online.
Hope this helps
Thanks for the update. They are posting some available jobs that seem to pay fairly, but I was concern by some of the older posts stating that their check bounced (I did not learn what was the final resolution on it). There seems to be positive posts for 2018 and 2019, so I may risk it.
Check bounced? I've received Paypal payments from them for quite awhile. When did they start paying by check?
I do shops for them regularly they pay the week after the shop is performed through pay pal. I have never had any problems with their payment.
I did 2 assisted living shops last month (February) and I haven't received my money yet. The only thing I can figure out is that they may have an incorrect PayPal address. Does anyone know where I could call at Primo to see what happened?
Like Irene said. I did a late January 2019 shop, and was paid March 15. As always, payment was issued via Paypal. They've usually been fairly prompt (depends on the time of shop submission). I reached out to their primary scheduler Meghan, and she confirmed payment. She's usually pretty good with email and phone calls, yet you'll get a more thorough response via email with her.

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