Advice on flaking on a SeeLevel shop and the fallout

I self-assigned a food ordering app shop for SeeLevel a few days ago. I assumed it was like other recent food apps that have been available recently by other MSC's. The initial description on the sign-up specified the location area and ordering service that you had to use but no other requirements. Turns out that they assign the food type you must order - burgers, sushi, etc..and are specific on what you have to order but all of this is not disclosed until you confirm the shop. So I was assigned food that I have no interest in eating and the report is much more detailed than others of this type. Since it is mainly a reimbursement shop with a small fee, the shop has no value to me and I immediately contacted the scheduler to cancel the shop. No response and I have contacted them a second time and still nothing. Do I just flake on it or does anyone know how much that will affect my standing with them? I do 2-3 shops for them a month and have no issues with my Job Ratings.

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I would think that if the shop date is quite a ways out, you should be okay. If it was today or soon, then there might be some fallout.

May have been better had you cancelled the shop immediately after it was assigned and the guidelines became visible, then waiting 2-3 days to cancel.

If you are very concerned about possible repercussions, you may consider just doing the shop anyways and giving the food to a neighbor or friend.

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Yikes. I just have to say that I hope this never happens to me and I would like to post on this thread in hopes that schedulers see the post because of one very important consideration:

Shoppers NEED to know what type of food they have to order due to possible FOOD ALLERGIES

@sarahshopper I would say that it would be hard choice for me to make. I hope that you can cancel the shop without repercussions, especially since you have tried to email your scheduler.

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If we’ve done enough shops, we have all had the experience when we get the guidelines and they don’t align with our expectations. Very few times I’ve felt that I simply could not do a shop. This was usually because of guidelines or requirements that I couldn’t swallow. Once, the photo requirements were such that I would be seen as a creepy stalker by members of my community at a farmers market, so no.

This did happen to me at Seelevel. I’ve worked with them a bit. I signed up for a recurring assignment at a local theme park. It turned out to be more of a soda ambassadorship kind of thing when I read the guidelines I just wasn’t into that, I emailed to cancel and they did not respond. The shop stayed on my log for AGES. I’ve done 70+ shops for them, so not a ton, but enough to have a record. As far as I can tell, I received no citation for cancelling. I also thought it was weird that they wouldn’t respond at all. Overall though, they have been great. I think my first shops were with them!
You'd think more notice would've been better, but I'm in the exact same situation as @sarahshopper and I did e-mail to cancel immediately. That was about a week ago, I've e-mailed 2 schedulers more than one time each, and no responses at all. Shop is due tomorrow, and although I've been shopping for 10+ years, I don't have a history with this company at all so we'll see what happens!
Am I understanding this correctly? They offer a reimbursement heavy assignment which means the value is in the reimbursed item, then dictate what you must order, but don't reveal what it is until after you are assigned? How could anyone be shocked shoppers would be canceling. Just the thought of being required to order sushi makes me gag.

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I had email the numbskull scheduler about this and never got a darn response.. so I just leave it alone and let it idle forever.. I'm not the least bit concern. the scheduler is a GHOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
same junk. some order process and doesn't tell you the zip code of the stores until assigned!!! no where close to that zip!! and the food they choose what the hell you gonna eat!! they can just stuff it!! the scheduler is a GHOST!! i had contact her via the contact link on the shop!!! not getting dumb over due message! I don't give a rat's @$$!!!
If the shop date is soon, I would e-mail every contact I have at the MSC "If you're not the correct person to receive this, would you please forward it to the right person, or let me know who that person is? I have e-mailed the scheduler and received no reply, and I'm getting anxious."

Is the ONLY way to cancel the shop through the scheduler?

Hope this works out for you, Sarah.
I fired this MSC two years ago due to several instances of non-replies by schedulers. Some time later, another MSC with whom I had an excellent relationship informed me I MUST be contracted with SeeLevel or they, Monterey, would cancel our agreement; I refused and was terminated. Earlier this year, Monterey sent me a proposal to resume business, but I deleted the offer without responding.

To all who are in a position of need, I understand your situation may require you to "lump it" even though you do not "like it." Bob, though, absolutely refuses to permit any company to treat him in a disrespectful manner.
Once I give a commitment I do the shop, if I don't like it I just don't do it again. I also won't agree unless I read the guidelines carefully as well as if I have any questions ask them before assigning the shop.
So I never heard back from the scheduler after several attempts and just didn't do the shop. It sat for a few days on my Shop Log past the due date and then was finally cancelled. They must have been inundated with this problem because the most recent emails specify that you can now see the food type before taking the assignment.
Still doesn't seem like it's wotth it. There are other delivery app shops around with more order flexibility and shorter reports.
Quick FYI for this particular shop: they have added what app you'll need and what type of cuisine to the job description, so you can know before you assign it. It is more work than the other food ordering jobs that are around right now but not hugely.

The big problems are you are only allowed to order one entree and a drink, and they're only reimbursing $1 for tip, which in my area is a total joke. Still, since there aren't limits on how many you can do a day, you can really get a lot of food with not too much out of pocket. I go at least $4 over reimbursement because $5 is my delivery tip minimum.
@LisaSTL wrote:

Just the thought of being required to order sushi makes me gag.

I love sushi, but it must be prepared in front of me.
Similar experience with this company. They are very unprofessional. I have a 10 rating and had difficulties inputting a shop and they gave me a flake citation. I sent numerous emails to try and remove my citation since my shop was submitted on time, but they do not respond. They advertise a "high paying" shop which they offer for $25. GFK is doing the same shops and paying $75.
Update : 12/12/18 - My citation was removed.

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so good to know. I've done lots of shops for them and haven't had an issue yet. I suppose that it's just a matter of time, based on this thread.

It seems that as a general rule, most MSCs, schedulers, and editors treat shoppers like fodder sad smiley
Back when they were BeyondHello, they were my primary MSC

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First Response:
I have done lots of work for See Level. I have never had an issue, but it seems like it's only a matter of time.

Basically, it seems as if to the MSCs, schedulers and editors...shoppers are fodder for the most part sad smiley

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The scheduler is also now allowing you to email her with what kind of food you'll want and she'll assign it to you so you don't have to go searching through the hundreds of posted jobs for this project. Even with the tip not covering what is appropriate (and PLEASE don't go taking these jobs and tipping a dollar) the $5 payment should cover any out of pocket expenses, and the wide variety of delivery services means you can try new places that haven't been part of the other large-scale delivery shop that is now happening on a vastly reduced basis.
I'm pretty sure I also self-assigned myself the same job recently. Opened the guidelines and realize I am told what kind of food to order, which I thought was annoying but that I like a lot of different kinds of food and would probably be assigned one I would enjoy. Nope. My assigned type of food was "healthy". I would have preferred ANY other food choice. Then to make matters worse, I found no further instruction on what kinds of foods are in the "healthy" category, and when I searched on the app I was to use to order the food for "healthy", the results contained produce from my local grocery store. No restaurants. There also wasn't a "healthy" category when tried to find where I needed to order from by browsing by category. I emailed my scheduler, no answer. Ended up having to just accept the flake citation because I honestly don't even think I could have completed the shop if I wanted to since I couldn't find a single option to order healthy food from.

I was pretty upset. Like you said, it was simply only worth the free meal. Add in the fact they didn't disclose that I'd be assigned to a specific type of food to order before accepting the job, followed by not responding to my emails forcing me to flake, it is totally unprofessional. Especially due to the fact that it wasn't like I simply didn't want to do the job because of my assigned category, I simply could not complete the shop because I couldn't find where to order from that was in my category. Although I wasn't happy to receive the healthy option, I would have completed the shop regardless of that because I always try to complete a job once I've committed to it, so if I would have just received an answer, they'd have a completed shop and I'd have zero flake citations. I keep seeing tons of these shops posted and I assume I'll keep seeing them spam the job board. I've noticed that they have added to the description to "read the sticky note" like that helps. I guarantee they'll have this happen to a bunch of shoppers before catching on.
Funny enough I emailed the scheduler and requested the healthy option, which I could sure use after a week of shopping pizza and burger joints! Did you actually get a flake citation? If you had literally no order choices for your category/delivery service you certainly don't deserve one.

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I apologize for the communication difficulties you all are having. If for some reason you have trouble reaching your SeeLevel scheduler, please email me. smiling smiley Our Help/Contact system has been giving us some trouble, and sometimes emails are not reaching our schedulers. My email is You can also call our office phone at (404) 666-7760.

Krystin Waldron
Operations Support
SeeLevel HX
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 351-7888

Krystin Waldron
SeeLevelHX Operations Support
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 351-7888

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I've had a lot of trouble with these shops and my shop log has changed in weird ways (i.e. the name of the cuisine for one completed shop changed after the fact, shops were scored and then the score disappeared, shops changed from completed to received, to completed again).

I had a lot of questions so I was happy to see Krystin's post above and I e-mailed her. She was friendly, but her response basically said that she was forwarding my e-mail to one of the schedulers because she wasn't familiar enough with the shop specifications.

I'm pleased to say the scheduler responded pretty quickly and answered everything. I think part of the communication difficulties may be due to the fact that messages aren't going through (as Krystin says above).

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Is anybody else getting an error on the food delivery shops that the time in answer 19B has an error? It pops up every time I answer a question and 19B isn't visible to correct.
Glad you were able to reach your scheduler! I'm familiar with some of our programs, but this time it was just over my head, lol. Operations Support is apt title I think. If I don't know the answers, I can at least connect you with someone who does. smiling smiley

Krystin Waldron
SeeLevelHX Operations Support
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 351-7888
Shoot me an email, Hopefully I can help. smiling smiley

Krystin Waldron
SeeLevelHX Operations Support
1718 Peachtree St NW | Suite 550 | Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 351-7888
JGodowin, yes, I had that too starting in the last day or two. So I now start with that and the related timing questions. Once they've lined up, so to speak, I fill out the rest of the form and I don't get that annoying pop-up.

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