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Good morning!! I was wondering if anyone else has a problem with GigSpot when doing work for Alta360? It seems Alta 360 is the only company that it denies you access to the regular site and doesn't upload all images I've included in the report. I also can't print any of the audit paperwork I need to take with me. Has anyone ever asked Gigspot to delete their account? If you did, then did you lose your accounts with the companies you signed up with or lost certifications?

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Yes. I used gigspot for less than 24 hours before emailing them and having them delete my account. I never looked back. I have read others' posts stating that self deactivation was not effective. You need to email them directly.
Oh, and no, it did not affect anything else whatsoever.

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My scheduler from Strategic Reflections told me that they've been having problems with GigSpot. Last month I applied for a bunch of shops through GigSpot and NOTHING got assigned which was extremely unusual. I called and they had no record of my applications. I had to work with my scheduler over the phone to get my shops. The same thing seems to have happened with my shops in Dec., so it looks like I'll have to delete my GigSpot account as well. There have also had issues with me uploading pictures properly (they are shown in the report) and the editors not being able to see them.
I had some very recent issues being able to use the GigSpot app to complete my reports and also issues with the editors at Alta not being able to see my pictures.. I had GigSpot delete my account and I was immediately able to log into Alta 360 site with no issues and haven’t had a single problem with them receiving my reports, my photos etc since. I definitely suggest dropping GigSpot...
I, too, dropped it soon after downloading. I found, for some reason, I could not access the Alta360 website on my laptop or PC. After I dropped Gigspot, I didn't have trouble accessing the website.

I figured I was at fault -- I'm such a tech dinosaur, I figured I wasn't doing it right.

It has not affected getting shops, submitting reports, etc.

Maybe I'll check out MobiAudits, as it seems to work for other shoppers.
Why is Gigspot even still around? Seems like they should have either fixed it or pulled it from the market long ago.

I was checking this thread to see if Gigspot had improved. I'll check again in a year or two.
I am unable to see Alta's job board because I signed up for Gigspot. I really dislike Gigspot but cannot figure out how to unsubscribe. Very frustrating since Alta has some shops in my area.
I emailed and told them I wanted my account with them deleted. My login still works for Alta's website and I didn't lose any certs or jobs.
Advice please! I applied for a shop, due today, on GigSpot. It was a Servimer shop. I received no response, but since I was about to leave to do other shops, I went back to GigSpot to delete my application and it looks as if the shop was assigned. However, there is no link to the paperwork. I can't log in to Servimer because they say I am a GigSpot shopper and need to log in at GigSpot. Since I can't access any paperwork, I tried to decline the shop. I get a message that something went wrong. Since I can't cancel or decline the shop, I don't know what to do. I would never just fail to do a shop, but it looks as if that is my only option.
I must be in the minority because I like Gigspot. I get probably 50% of my jobs from Gigspot and have only had one minor problem. The reports were no problem and the pay is always on time. Don't know what to say folks. I like Gigspot!

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