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The August 29 shop should have been paid at the end of November. Verify that you submitted the required invoice. Then, contact Monnie Howard, the owner: mhoward@cirrusmktg.com. I have always been paid immediately after bringing payment issues to her attention. (And, yes, they are frequent.) Other folks are not likely to respond. For instance, schedulers, have nothing to do with payroll, so they have little to offer.

I'll work for Cirrus, but only when the compensation offered makes up for the headache that frequently comes with payment issues and the annoyance of waiting four months to be paid. In order for me to pick up their shops, they have to be offering at least $10 more than what EPMS is offering at the time. Many folks avoid them completely.

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September shops for Cirrus are not processed until the end of December. You should receive payment in the first week of January.

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I still have not been paid by Cirrus for a shop from Sept.

I actually did it Aug 29th, still not paid. There is a reason that was my one and only shop for them. They will not respond to emails either.

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I do a lot of ACL hotel overnight shops and a few solo lunches and have few-to-no problems with editors. BUT, regardless of the MSC/client I have avoided all split-second-timing shops ever since my first FF shops in 2005. Just not happening for me. But I find their hotel and fast-casual, non-pizza shops easy, with few questions from editors. Maybe it is a regional thing??

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Did you do a hotel shop? Im interested, but i would like to see what all they require you to do before signing up. Dont want to work too much on my vacay.
I don't really have any problems reporting shops. Of course I've never shopped for Coyle. I do shop for appx 20 other companies. Easiest companies from scheduling to filling out the reports are in no particular order, ATH, Bare, Ipsos (most every company that uses Summit for the scheduling is easy to schedule for) and my two current favorites, North Fork and Informa. Great schedulers Claudia and Virginia,, easy to navigate websites and the reports are well laid out with no run on questions.
I agree about intellishop. I do a ton of work for them, the schedulers are always ready to assist if I need to switch a day, and their reports are simple.
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