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BARE sent me an email recently offering "self assign" bank shops. I logged on and read, "You do not qualify for self assign status on this shop, however, you may APPLY for this shop and wait for a scheduler to assign it to you."

Yet there are no test to take for this assignment.

What kind of silliness is this? Do I have to take an IQ test to qualify to ask a banker a few questions?

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There are so many things about this company I don't get, truly. I continue to work for them and I know many people love them, but they're definitely not on the top of my list. I find them extremely inconsistent, on many levels.
I have gotten those as well, and do all kinds of work for them. This wouldn't be your first Bank, would it. I don't understand their logic at times, I have also gotten this from NSS, sometimes I can self-assign, other times I can' might not be as much about us as what they want to do with the job.

Live consciously....
I just self-assigned one of those shops this morning. I have never had a problem self-assigning.
Irene, yes this would be my first bank job for BARE, although I still don't know why a scheduler has to assign it to me, other than if he/she would rather give it to someone who has done them previously.
I have found their self-assign feature comes and goes. Sometimes I can self-assign their new delivery shops and sometimes I have to apply. My shopper rating has been the same both times.
They could be checking your rating, distance, etc. Take it and let them assign it, next time I bet you'll be allowed to self-assign having proved yourself.

Live consciously....
Be careful with this MSP. This is the only company that updates and makes changes to the survey questionnaire after a shop is performed and ask you to update the questionnaire frequently after the report is submitted. It looks like this company is unorganized, unprofessional, and very poor in designing survey questionnaires.
Must just be this type of shop. I have found them to be solid with shipping, dinner and other shops...

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
Balajikris - I have not had that experience in the 6 years I have been with BARE.

The scheduler for the shop determines/predecides who can "self-assign" a shop. It's done manually, in most cases.

If you can't self-assign, request it, and follow up with an email or a phone call.
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