Maritz website -- can you help?

I logged in, but the website does not respond to anything else. Try to search for jobs, no response whatsoever. I can type in a location, hit "search", and the website does nothing.

Tried 3 different browsers, rebooted.

Does anyone have a clue? What else can I do?

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I see zero shops, but keep getting emails about shops in my area. I guess I will wait for them to call me.
Fishchick, welcome to the forum!

They did call me about some shops, but even with the caller on the phone with me, I could not see the shops, and never could get the website to respond.

Go to Find new shops. I use search my default location. I zoom out as far as i can and then press search this area. If you do not see anything move the map and press search this area. If you do not see anything more than likely there is nothing. I general have to search 4 states using this procedure to find a shop sometimes.
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