Just wondering if its a scheduler thing or if they just wait last minute to assign shops? I have quite a few shop applications out because they fall into a route im working on for Saturday, and i applied 4/5 days ago and theyre still pending.. i dont think i have ever had to wait this long before for an accept/deny

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I sent them an email asking if there was a system in place for short notice shops. Maybe if they get a lot of requests they will do something about it.
I had applied with IPSOS for a number of shops on 1/3. Didn't get any traction, but I had other stuff to do that day...no problem, right?....I come home and find that 5 shops had been assigned...due on 1/3 yikes!...the email time stamp was 3:16 PM....and all of these business close at 8:00....and the report MUST be in by midnight.....wow....
It seems to depend on the scheduler. I have definitely experienced this (consistently) from some of their schedulers.

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I applied for a shop to create a route last Saturday. I emailed the scheduler asking to be assigned since I was headed out. I have yet to hear from them.

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If your scheduler is amberdawn you are screwed... Bill C is awesome though. Depends on who you get.
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