Ipsos..have a couple of questions regarding regular box shop?

Just reading over the guidelines and in one part it says say yes to the hazmat question if the assistant or the clerk asks? Confused, because this is a regular box shop. In addition what do you say is in the box. ..also where do you buy your boxes?

Also do you have to use your real name and address on the from portion

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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You've misread the guideline. The guideline is wanting to know if you were ASKED the HAZMAT question. If you are ASKED if your package contains a HAZMAT item, the answer is YES, I was asked, NOT Yes, my package contains a HAZMAT item.

I don't buy boxes. I search dumpsters for them (Dollar General is good) and reuse a lot of the boxes I am sent for my model horse hobby.
Thanks so much, that makes much more sense...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
It doesn't have to be a box. I bought a package of poly mailers from Amazon for 10 cents each. This is quicker and easier than taping boxes.
I buy them in bulk at Staples. Here they come out to $0.63 each if you buy five or more. The cost is reimbursed.
If it is a Hazmat shop and they ask what is in the box you follow the scenario you are assigned for the answer. If it is a regular shop you can say whatever you like but I have never had them ask what is inside a box. I would not say you do not know if they ask that question on a regular box shop as they might refuse the box. Just tell them the truth or a general thing. A gift for someone is a great answer as it helps to convince them you need to get it there by a 2-3 days using priority. In the past they have tried to convince me to switch to the flat rate and I just tell them I do not have the time to do that or it is too big for the cheaper small flat rate box or I am mailing it for my boss/mom etc and they wanted it sent this way...whatever fits for the scenario.
I use my real name because I send real things to real people I know and want it back if something happens.
thank you all...I've been rebuilding boxes to meet the size requirement and its getting more and more difficult. Thanks for the suggestions.
I rebuild boxes all the time, if it has markings on it (I get mine from dollar stores and grocery stores like some others do) I turn it inside out and tape it together. Your dimensions just need to total 36 inches or less. Your box can be 12x14x10, or 12x16x8, 10x10x10, etc. I prefer recycling used boxes over buying new ones or using mailers that are not recyclable (like poly mailers).
Walmart sells a 6x6x6 box for 58 cents and the MSC reimburses. I've never been asked what's in the box, only whether it's anything fragile, perishable, etc.
Well..looks like this won't be an issue. After performing it, will be going on my ten pole list. Nothing against the shop or msc itself; this shop just isn't my cup of tea.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
To each their own, I love these shops. I think it makes a difference if you have someone you want to send packages to, and if you can find a way to fill the boxes for free and work the shops into a route. I fill the boxes with my reimbursed convenience store purchases (small bags of peanuts, cookies, granola bars, etc.) and send them to friends who have kids. I even have a box that I send to my husband at our home address and I use my MIL's address for the return address. I peel off the labels and reuse this box when I don't have anything to send to anyone else (also sending to my home from another nearby city). Additionally, submitting them immediately after the shop using Mobi Audit makes it super easy. I usually open the app when I arrive at the site and click the "time" as I enter, and then discreetly click the time I join the line, etc. Then I finish the rest of the report (5 minutes) after pulling into another lot nearby, and voila! Done. Then I go to another shop nearby (usually convenience store shops), submit that report, then off to the next post office. I can make a circle of convenience store shops and post office shops with maybe a few other more detailed type shops in between, work for 3-4 hours, and not have to drive further than 15-20 miles to make my $100+ for the day.

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I think the first one I did was more difficult since all the guidelines were new. Now it is one of my favorites.
Submitting was part of the issue for me. I forgot to use the app. Some of my answers kept getting erased even though I saved it. It took over an hour to submit the report when it should have only taken 15 minutes at the most, but now I know...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
@dawnhu wrote:

Submitting was part of the issue for me. I forgot to use the app. Some of my answers kept getting erased even though I saved it. It took over an hour to submit the report when it should have only taken 15 minutes at the most, but now I know...
4 minutes on the app for me. I cut it down from 6 minutes.
Changed mind on this. This msc actually does what is the right way as far as pay goes. No wonder these go so quickly. I was under the impression. Your reimbursement is the job fee. Since the job fee and reimbursement is counted as separate things this shop goes to the top of my list. I also figured out the Mobi App. That helps a ton.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Glad you're giving them another chance, dawnhu! These are one of my favorites as well. Also, I just happen to prefer using my laptop to report on, and it still never ever takes me longer than 10 minutes tops. So yeah, good shops for the money plus reimbursement. Sometimes you can get a bonused one as well. The 2nd week of December, there was one location in my area that was bonused to $30 + up to $13 reimbursement. So I mailed a Christmas pkg for $12.50. Nice profit....it went towards most of my remaining Christmas shipping fees. That was a blessing!

If you have google play..just search mobi app and it should pop up to download

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
You don't have to do them on the app, Cease. You can wait until you get home and submit on your computer.

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