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Hi everyone. I'll be performing my first shop for Coyle this week at a major airline's airport lounge. I'm a little a bit stressed out about the report after reading the posts here on the forum. I took a look at the sample narrative/report attached to the shop and it's not very detailed (a simple narrative similar to what CSE, Albatross, Mercantile expects-- nothing too detailed). I'm not sure if I should follow their sample report/narrative or go really detailed and extra. How detailed do they want the narratives to be? Do they expect a comment for each Yes/No question in the survey? Any other tips?

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Did you look at their guide? When you log in, look over to the right on the home page and click on "Coyle Evaluator Resource Center" and you should find out most of what you need to know. Once you open the resource center, click on "evaluations" and then "style guidelines" and "checklists" from the drop down menu.
I don't know if airport reports are different, but Coyle fine dining take me about 4-5 hours. For a regular company, it might take me 30-45 minutes for a casual dining report ($35 for dinner type of place).

Maybe someone here knows more about the airport ones.
I’ve done this exact shop, as has SteveSoCal. Follow the format. Take photos to remember presentation and timing. It won’t take an hour to write it up.
Go with the format in the samples the provide. If you address all of the questions in the narrative and just put a small comment for the no or n/a answers that's generally fine.
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