Reality Check Now is Grade A

Reality Check has now paid the last two months on a new pay cycle. They state that they will pay by the end of the second month after the shop(s). They are now paid for OCTOBER 2010.

This is 24 days earlier than quoted.
I now rate Reality Check in my TOP 5 MSCs to work with.

They have reasonable schedulers (KSS) that respond quickly to emails, they have a variety of work in my area, and most ofthe editors provide useful feedback and very reasonable ratings.
Also they have raised their rates on the car washes in my area. Higher rates is always a plus.

My overall rating for Reality Check is an A.

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Thanks, I'm going to start looking for jobs there, they don't have much here, but I have done a couple a long time ago.

Live consciously....
I'll let you guys know when I get paid. Last week I did one for them through KSS.

The scheduler said payment could be anywhere from 30-90 days.
New shopper sign up is as follows:


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I won't be shopping with them anymore until I see some money. Their scheduler for my region is SOOOO nice. But I'm owed $180 at this point, as far back as Nov.1, and 60-90 days is a long time. My husband helped me check off payments last night, and I have moved Business Evaluation Services to the bottom of the list along with Intellishop ( they owe me $170) and Reality Check into the "mid zone."

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This is why I so love having a 'page' for each month of shops. I am still waiting for Informa and Service Sleuth from November and not happy about it. I did contact another company that usually pays promptly about November work and got a 'serious oops, so sorry, my mistake for not turning it in'. I expect to see that check within the next couple of days. Reality Check has long been on my 'red lined' list of companies because of slow payment.
Hoy moly! Service Sleuth is no surprise, but Informa??

Re: Reality Check, they do not pay quickly, but they DO pay, and at least for me, always within the stipulated period of time. All my shops have been paid around 75 days after. I like this company a lot.

That said, I have never done a shop for them which requires money being laid out, and unless the shop fee was really outstanding, I'm not sure that I would.
I am surprised about Informa. I have done many shops for them and on average they pay within 25 days. The longest I ever had to wait is 40 days.
I guess it is okay. Their instructions were apparently not quite what the client expected so quite some time after I performed and reported the job they came back with questions, some of which I could answer, some I could not. The shops were not rejected because the questions were not requirements of the original reports. But it did get the shop out of sequence for payment. When I spoke with them a while back their indication was it should be paid with the next batch. Nevertheless it seems to me it should have been paid by now.
I'm still waiting on late November/early December Service Sleuth, so no quickie pay for me, but I liked the shops.
Yes, for me that counts.

Reality Check did however pay on the 14th on the month following the shop. That too was a rather easy "fun" shop. Wish both Service Sleuth and Reality Check had more shops in my shopping areas.

I also thought Informa was pretty quick. I'm doing something this coming week, so I'll count.
My reaction is that overall they are pretty quick and it does appear that my 'issue' is an in-the-cracks one with a particular group of shops rather than a current trend. Nevertheless, regardless of cause, I am waiting, and I did what I was supposed to do, when I was supposed to do it so should have been paid by now.

Edited to add: On 1/29 my check was in the mailbox. So now they are up-to-date with me.

But I do note that Service Sleuth has changed the sign in page of their website. It did indicate that November shops would be paid by the end of January. It now is indicating that if you aren't paid by February 11th, contact them . . .

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I must be living right! I was paid for my November Shops from Service Sleuth on Jan 5. I also have been completly paid by RC for all November work also.

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Service Sleuth is slooooooow, so slooooow, it's good to hear you got check (Vanster) within 2 months.

Live consciously....
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vanster2000 Wrote:
> I must be living right! I was paid for my November
> Shops from Service Sleuth on Jan 5. I also have
> been completly paid by RC for all November work
> also.

I shop for SS, and I received the following message on January 7th:

HS Brands International sent you $XXXX USD
Transaction ID: NUMBER
Hello NAME,

Just thought you'd like to know HS Brands International sent you $XXXX.

Note from HS Brands International:

This is your payment for the shops completed. Please go to to view your breakdown. The rest of the October shops will be paid by January 12th. We are very sorry for delay in payment. Thank you.

Get the details
Don't see the money in your account?

Don’t worry - sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.

Sender Information

HS Brands International

The were for October shops, and not all at that, according to that post. I did not do any shops for them in November.
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