The Source / TrendSource email notification issues

Prior to 2019, I received notifications of available shops multiple times a day via email. Since Jan 2019 I have not received any emails with the available shops. I have double checked my email address, double checked their address didn’t get marked spam and have contacted them to let them know of the problem and was told the issue was fixed. Three days later and still no emails. Anyone else have this problem? I am missing out on shop opportunities because I am not notified about availability.

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I get nothing at all when last year at this time I would get everything. Even the ones that are hard to fill aren’t emailed to me. I do not anything from them, no reminders of upcoming assignments I have, nothing regarding assigned project. Absolutely nothing but I do shops at least 8 times a month for them and also get texts with offers for the hard to fill.
I am in good standing with them. Never had a report denied or had to reshop. Only had to cancel two assignments due to strep throat and a healthy emergency for my son.
I noticed that beginning in 2019, all my Trendsource emails were going to spam. I did everything I could think of to change this and finally changed my Comcast filters so nothing goes to spam. I am now seeing several a day
Comcast...I have Comcast as well. Thank you so much for this info. I am going to check the filter settings and hopefully the issue will be solved.
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