Mystery shopping companies with grocery store assignments?

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Welcome, gdiget! Grocery stores are my bread and butter shops smiling smiley Using the Search feature helps familiarize yourself with the forum, and also will provide information on grocery shops. There are scads of MSPs with grocery stores, depending on geography.
Mert Wrote:
> Welcome, gdiget! Grocery stores are my bread and
> butter shops smiling smiley Using the Search feature helps
> familiarize yourself with the forum, and also will
> provide information on grocery shops. There are
> scads of MSPs with grocery stores, depending on
> geography.
I did a search on grocery stores but I did not grocery stores.
Searching leads to further discussion related to grocery shopping. Names of MSPs are included in the posts, as well.
gdiget Wrote:
> Does anyone know which mystery shops do grocery
> stores?


I live in Florida and have yet to find a grocery store shop, we have Winn Dixi and Publix in my area.
Arch Stanton Wrote:
> gdiget,
> What state are you located in???
I am in California
Gdiget, I am in Los Angeles, and I mentioned two I do, check my above post.

Live consciously....
I would really like to shop a grocery store, but I am always walking out with almost a hundred bucks everytime I go in. I can't imagine buying 9 dollars of anything in a grocery store. My dog's food costs more than that. my beer costs more than that and steaks are also more and seem silly to put under the cart. I may try one and cram one of those Brady Bunch packages of toilet paper under the bottom, but then I am open to conversation with some clerk I really don't want asking me if my dog is having a bathroom problem and why he eats read meat with his Nutri, not to mention his dark beer craving.
The reimbursement is not a limit on how much you spend during the shop; it's just a limit on how much they will reimburse. I, for one, would not do any of the grocery shops offered here for just a $9 reimbursement, btw. However, I do enough decently reimbursed, short report, grocery shops per month to cut my grocery bill by about 60-70 percent. Remember, those reinbursements are tax-free. since I shop the stores where I would ordinarily buy my groceries anyway, I have gotten so that I resent going to the store if I'm not getting paid and/or reimbursed. Same for oil changes, trips inside the bank, and hair cuts, lol.

A large pack of TP as the undercart item makes it much too easy for the cashier to spot the item, btw. Sounds like you have not actually tried out these shops for yourself.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Yup. I usually put a 12 pack of soda, but even when I put paper towels or tissue they rarely see it.
Shops at groceries here don't have the under the cart requirement. All chains except one (which isn't shopped) require the cashier, as opposed to the customer, to take items from the cart and scan. Maybe that's why?
Could be. All of our grocery stores other than box stores and buying clubs have the traditional lane where customers put their stuff on the belt and the cashier drags it across the scanner and bags it if there is not a bagger. While some individual cashiers will walk around the end of the counter to put your bags in the cart, most often they just shove them across the counter to you to put in the cart yourself. Shorter cashiers are at a terrible disadvantage because there is no way they would see BOB items unless they carry your bags around the end of the counter to put in your cart. Usually when a BOB item is caught it is caught by the bagger. I don't do a lot of BOB shops and I try very hard to pick a lane with a bagger, but when the bagger sees I am not putting lots of stuff on the belt they are likely to walk away to bag a larger order in another lane.
The last one I did for TS (9.00) ended up costing me 42.00 for stuff I didn't need. Living alone I just play and buy. I will not overspend again..haha! TNS at least gives you a 12.00 report fee + that and grocery's and easier report...having said that, why am I continuing to check the site for grocery stores.

Live consciously....
Since our water is so terrible in LA, it's normal for me to buy 1 or 2 gallons of drinking water on each visit and have them under the cart. They are also under $1 so it doesn't blow the budget.

One of the stores I used to work for in CA has a mirror system at each isle allowing the 'hight-challenged' checkers to see BOB (bottom of basket).

While the bagger may walk away if he sees me with only a few items, the checker may often spout, "Bob's your uncle" or, "What about Bob?" That's a sign for the bagger to grab the items under the cart. They know the shoppers usually have fewer items in the cart, so you are more likely to not be checked if the cart is full, I think.

I did 2 shops a week for this store over 6 months and had the BOB item only missed once. On that occasion the checker was actually having an emotional meltdown and missed every point on the checklist, however.
Being a grocery shopper for years (before MSing) I never noticed any cashier checking under the basket. I did one recently and there she was, walking from behind the register to check under my cart....good for her, she got big marks. This was also a "training" store, so, guess they are on top of their game. Steve, good idea about the water, that saves me 8.99 in not needed TP.

Live consciously....
How about we break down who has what for the different areas to avoid confusion and future posts. Here's what I can tell you about Socal (keeping in mind that I don't shop MF in CA).

Grocery Store MSPs in California:

Service Check
Word Class Shopper (makes you an employee)

I'm sure there are more, but just between those, you could grocery shop 5 days a week in LA and still have shops remaining.
Does anyone know what company is doing Brookshire stores in TX now? They are no longer with their former mystery shopping provider.
I'd also like to know what company has the shops for grocery stores
in Oklahoma. Around here the grocery stores we have are: Reasor's, Food Pyramid, Homeland, and Warehouse Market.
Has anyone seen them posted anywhere?
MSP is mystery shopping provider, if that's what you mean. They're also referred to as MSC, mystery shopping company. Sorry, don't know who does Vons or if they're shopped.
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