Friendliest MSP?

All four of the ACL schedulers that I currently work with in the DMV area are helpful, flexible, thoughtful and efficient. I take shops that I want and feel no pressure to take ones that do not suit me. So, while ACL does not make my "top 3" these schedulers do deserve a shout out on this thread, IMHO.

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Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
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I have to give credit to many more than the 5 I mentioned...actually all my schedulers are the best and deserve a shout out. I have to say after 13 years I could count rude schedulers on one hand, so, it's a pleasure to have worked with all you guys. I've never been reprimanded for having to cancel, re-schedule, or make a mistake, they all worked with me, except two that come to mind, and I forgive you both Service Check and Cirrus.

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I forgot to mention Dave at Sentry. Once he noted my comment about completing scheduled phone shops and not getting paid for them (scheduler canceling them after I told her that I completed them; one of those bizarre moments) Dave communicated with me, looked into the issue and I was later paid for my work. I appreciated this; I thought it may be worth mentioning it here just to show MSC's character and attitude
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