Strange de-activation by Bare

Hello everybody!
Has Bare International recently informed you that it will stop its cooperation with you? I got an e-mail from a local coordinator that due to a decision by the central office of Bare our cooperation will be stopped. I found it strange as it didn't state the reasons and I have done hundreds of shops with an average of 9 out of 10 grade.

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Bare International has never informed me that they will stop their cooperation with me.

@Greek consultant did you ask them why they severed their relationship with you?
I asked the local scheduler who sent me the e-mail and he replied that I violated the terms of the evaluator agreement. Moreover, when I asked which terms exactly, he replied that no further information could be given. As I have friends and relatives that work with Bare as well I was told that another 4 shoppers got the exact same e-mail and explanation. I am thinking of reporting this behaviour to MSPA.
I'm sorry to hear that you were deactivated, but it is the company's right to decide not to work with you for any reason (or for NO reason) and they are not obligated to explain why. As an independent contractor, you could decide at any time not to work with a company, and you are not obligated to contact the company and tell them or to explain why. Deactivation has been much discussed on the forum over the years. Shoppers sometimes feel that, having registered and performed shops for a company, they have the right to continue working for the company for as long as they want. Shoppers are not employees and the relationship between a shopper and a company can be terminated at any time by either one. Market Force has a LOT of shoppers and tends to deactivate and say "we can't tell you why for confidential reasons." Other companies do not tell a shopper when she is deactivated, the shopper just no longer sees any shops. QAMS and several others do this.

Why would you report them to MSPA? Although I'm sure it distresses you to be deactivated, they haven't really done anything wrong. They just don't want to work with you any more and they were professional enough to tell you so rather than let you continue to log in and look for jobs. As for reporting them to MSPA, MSPA is not a shopper advocate or a regulatory agency. MSPA s a professional organization of mystery shopping companies.
Dear roflwofl,
thank you for your very useful feedback. As I can't see any obvious reason for my deactivation I come to the conclusion that Bare simply wanted to update its database of shoppers. Of course the MS company or the shopper can stop their cooperation at any time. However, after so many years of loyalty to the company a 2 lines ''Goodbye e-mail'' didn't look nice. I had invested time and effort taking tests and certificates for this company so I expected a better approach.
I want to inform the MSPA and the readers in this forum of this unpleasant situation to give and get feedback and maybe what happened is useful to them.
It’s always possible you did so many shops they feel the need for “fresh faces” in the area...
When I started shopping, the client communicated with me by email; I remember I had to provide exact day and time when I plan on doing the shop. Somewhere in the process, I emailed the client and asked if they have work available at their facility/office; and then everything went quiet; I could not log in. I asked the scheduler and she looked up what happened and she explained that I can never contact the client. She was apologetic and she couldn't do anything about it. I really did not know basics at the time and I felt sorry for not knowing better. So it may be something that you did and you are not aware of.
@Greek consultant
You mention that you have a number of friends and relatives that also work with Bare and that four others got the same deactivation notice.

Reading between the lines, I suspect that Bare is uncomfortable the number of folks close to you who also shop for them. Do some share computers, street addresses, etc.? Could you and your family/friends have enough connections that Bare's security measures flagged your group as potential cheaters? My wife shops a little and we have had to have conversations with three or four companies about how we are, in fact, different people, who live in the same house and shop.

My wife and I called the companies who raised concern and explained the situation. The MSC's were understanding and we sorted it out pretty quickly. It might make sense for you to contact Bare (not the scheduler, but somebody in the company's actual employ) and ask for assistance. I would couch the question something like this, "I was recently deactivated for breaking my ICA. However, I do not know what I did wrong. I want to avoid this mistake with other MSC's, so it would really be helpful to know what I did."

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
Certain MSC just won't pick you instead of deactivating you. you will pick a project over and over again for different projects and they never will pick you.
ROFLWOFL hit the "nail on the head." Any comments by me would be repetitive.

As to my experience with Bare, it was a single assignment in 2006. After submitting the report, the scheduler contacted me with praise, but the editor decided my work was unacceptable. Being confused, I contacted Bare, explained the situation to the proper person and was ultimately paid. When, though, I suggested a chat with the editor would be advantageous to avoid any future problems, my request was denied. As I was 64 at that time, I had well learned open communication was excellent as a preventative measure, so I appealed up the chain, but their decision stood. I requested, and was granted, an immediate deactivation. Two years later, I was contacted about a reestablishment; I declined their offer and have never regretted my decision.
I cannot get assigned a job (in my town) and applied over and over, only to still see the job on their board. I could have had it done weeks ago...have no reason why, I did one job for them with no problem two years ago.
I wrote and did not get a response?

Live consciously....
I never got an email but just logged in there (as a result of reading this thread) and saw that I am deactivated for not providing my SS#. Would have been nice of them to ask.
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