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Use the URL of the login page for the Shopmetrics MSC you want to do a shop for. This is after you have downloaded the MobiAudit app. You will enter the MSC URL into MobiAudit, along with your username and password.

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IPSOS has the information on the home page of their website after you log in. Look over to the left and you will see the download link for the instructions. But it's like nslinhar wrote above.
Please use ipsosus.shopmetrics.com as the URL for MobiAudit or you can download the ishopforipsos app. You can email me directly at juliaus@ishopforipsos.com and I can send you a troubleshooting and a user guide. Thank you!!

If you are not already a registered shopper with Ipsos, please register at [www.ishopforipsos.com]. It will take up to 30 minutes for you to receive the email from Ipsos with your login information. Once received, login and click on OPEN OPPORTUNITIES in the upper left corner (using a computer, NOT a smart phone and NOT a tablet). Apply for the ones you are interested in.

Thank you!
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