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I just received an email from them about an available shop. I don't remember signing up with them, but it's possible I did and forgot. I'm concerned about a request to update my payment info to facilitate payment via direct deposit. Is this legit? Wouldn't payment info be requested when applying, not after the fact?
Do you have two screen names for this site?

Why don't you email someone at Mintel or try to log in and discover more. I am with Mintel and yes, they are a reputable company, but if you want answers to your questions you should contact them directly.
I did sign up with them, but thought Paypal was my chosen method of payment. Looks like I jumped the gun.
But are you both greenelight2go and greenwhite11?

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Hahaha. No, we are two different people who share similar good taste in choosing user names.
Mintel is a legitimate company. There is a thread on the main board with details on this shop.

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I get profile update requests from the msc's I work for frequently. Just go into your account, or try to using your email and and I forgot password link if you are not sure, and see if they have added a new payment vehicle or just want you to review what you have and click okay.
Mintel is a great company. I signed up for them and forgot about it as there were no shops in my area at that time. They emailed me 10 months later with a fantastic assignment with really good pay that had to be done the next day. The pay was so high that I called to make sure it was legit and they are now one of my favorite companies. Love their baby shops!
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