Ipsos- GfK Merger

Any thoughts on what it means? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Ipsos is one of my favorites so I hate to see the boat get rocked. But we'll see. Hoping it's a huge success for all concerned.

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Well, that explains why the shop I did a week or two ago for GFK went to an IPSOS report platform.
Wwin - same here. I did a shop 2 weeks ago, and wondered why there was the extra step of reporting on a separate platform. I'm sure all will be well.
IPSOS and GFK did not merge. GFK sold four of its divisions to IPSOS: Customer Experience, Experience Innovation, Health and Public Affairs. GFK still exists in its own right and continues in the marketing business - and competes with IPSOS outside of those businesses which it sold to IPSOS.
OK, thanks for the clarification. The email I got from them calls it a merger but is very precisely worded to mention only shopping, with no indication that GfK will still continue as an independent company.

Good luck to both of them.
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